Head office staff

The assistance before my departure was really great! The ‘my trip’ section of my profile was helpful in reminding me of what I needed to get done before leaving. I was always able to contact someone from head office via email and telephone whenever I had a question. I received a telephone call a few days before my departure that outlined exactly how my arrival was going to be. From being picked up at the airport to our first day in city, every detail was thoroughly explained.

Negin Kamyab's case study

Omar Mohamed - Director

Omar Mohamed - Founder & Director Prior to co-founding Work the World in 2005, Omar worked in the gap year industry promoting responsible travel for six years. His career has involved working for extensive periods of time in eleven destinations, which span North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. During this time Omar was arranging, developing and overseeing work-experience projects in the fields of social welfare, education, health and conservation.

Faye Clonan - Director

Faye Stickings - Managing DirectorFaye joined the team as Operations Director in 2009 and following a successful two years building up an incredible placement portfolio, has moved into the role of co-Director of the company. She oversees all aspects of our service to make sure that you get the best service possible and have an outstanding experience.

Having spent time in Africa, Asia and South America, Faye has many years experience in the travel industry and has worked with students on healthcare, education, social and conservation projects around the world.

Faye has visited all of our destinations and speaks to our in-country staff regularly.

Robert Giddings - Head of Operations

Robert Giddings - Head of Operations Rob started Work the World as the Africa Operations Manager, and the success of our Tanzania programs are a tribute to his efforts - the boy even learnt Swahili! He now manages our program in the Philippines, and works closely with Susie, Colin and Rebecca to ensure all of our destinations are offering the best placements possible.

Having spent extended periods exploring many other areas of the world, Rob understands the excitement, apprehension and planning involved in living and working abroad. Before joining the Work the World team, he specialized in teaching English to foreign students. He spent two years in Japan, two years in South Korea and taught people from all over the world in a language school in England. He has also spent a year in New Zealand, working as an adventure activities co-ordinator.

Chris Beneyto - Operations Manager

Christopher Beneyto - Operations Manager After 8 years working in the mining industry, deciding it was time for a change, Chris couldn’t resist the lure of joining Work the World. Joining the team in August 2014, he now oversees the Tanzania programme. He has worked across the entire world, having lived in 5 countries and visited scores more. 

When not working, Chris is a serious committed foodie, loving to sample cuisines from all over the world. In his spare time Chris also enjoys languages (being a fluent speaker of 4!), politics, martial arts  and a general love of chatting about a vast array of subjects.

Chris brings to the team an inquisitive, problem solving mind with a quirky sense of humour.

Colin Richardson - Operations Manager

Colin Richardson - Operations ManagerColin joined Work the World in the spring of 2014 to continue his pursuit of global adventure. Originally from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Colin's love of adventure sport began with competing - and winning - at national and international level in tetrathlon, eventing and sailing and he was a member of the National Sailing Squad.

Colin continued to bring sailing to the masses from the idyllic north Norfolk coast to the sun-kissed south west of France.

The chance to get involved in the London Olympics was too good to pass up and his work as a Transport Manager gave him a unique opportunity to work with the athletes, media and celebrities involved in the iconic event.

A move to Brighton brought him to Work the World - via a high octane stint at another Outdoor Pursuits Centre.

Colin has now brought his lust for life to Work the World where he oversees three programs, two in Nepal and one in Sri Lanka.

Rebecca Lapper - Operations Manager

Rebecca Lapper - Operations Manager Becky joined Work the World after completing a four year degree and Masters in Responsible Tourism Management.

Brought up in Malawi and Zambia, Becky’s eclectic work life has ranged from crocodile watching on the Zambezi, working in an AIDS clinic, running a raucous music pub in Kilkenny, to working as a resort manager in Ibiza for nine years.

Her love for all things travel related continues with Becky's present role as Operations Manager for our Philippines and Ghana Programmes.

Joe Jamieson - Communications Manager

Joe Jamieson - Communications Manager Raised on a diet of alphabetti spaghetti, Joe’s admission into the world of writing was predestined. He hammered out his career by writing and blogging for some of the travel industry’s most notable brands, and today proudly helms Work the World’s communications department.

Joe has travelled extensively. His favourite experiences include a 4 month jaunt around Thailand, living and working in Tokyo, a tour of Europe’s finest, and an eye-opening interval in Morocco.

Where to next? "Peru, please.”


Victoria Hearn - Business Development Executive

Victoria Hearn - Business Development Executive Victoria joined the team in December 2014. As a chils she spent a large amount of time in South Africa with her family who had a second home there. Having completed her four year Business Management degree in Brighton she spent some time working in the Banking sector before realising it wasn't for her, she soon joined Work The World which was a perfect fit!

Victoria manages our Brand Ambassador network and is the face of our brand when presenting at events around the world.

Alasdair Thompson - Elective Consultant

Alasdair Thompson - Elective Consultant After graduating from the University of Aberdeen, Alasdair spent the next 2 years travelling extensively around southern Africa, while residing mostly in Cape Town. He then moved to Brighton, working for the next 10 years in the travel industry accruing experience across a wide variety of roles, mostly within Ski Tour operating.

In his spare time, Alasdair is a keen skier, having raced at University level, and enjoys a budding amateur cycle racing career.

Joining Work the World in May 2013, Alasdair is responsible for guiding our prospective candidates towards their perfect elective, sharing his enthusiasm for all of our fantastic destinations.

Martin Samuels - Administrator

Martin Samuels - Administrator Martin is originally from Lancashire and has spent the last 10 years living the glamorous lifestyle of a semi-professional musician.... sleeping on strangers floors and travelling the country in the back of a poorly insulated transit van were just some of the highlights!

Martin moved to Brighton in December 2011 in search of a more healthy lifestyle and joined Work the World shortly after.  He is responsible for processing new bookings, date changes, ensuring applicants get their documentation to us on time.


Sophie Long - Office Administrator

PP1.jpg After 25 years, 16 houses, 7 countries and a continent, Phie decided to depart her home life in Bristol and found herself being pulled to the coast of Brighton in 2013 after a beautiful stint in Thailand. With a passion for travel and a background in Administration, Phie landed on her feet when she found Work the World.

Phie started at the end of 2014 and is responsible for University forms, risk assessments and making sure everyone’s Mytrip is up to date.

Leah Stay - Operations Administrator

Leah Stay - Operations Administrator Leah joined Work the World in March 2013. Her background lies within the travel industry, more specifically ski, where she spent 5 years organising ski holidays for school groups.

Prior to that Leah's passion for travel led her to spend 5 months living and working in a French ski resort. Leah is responsible for our welcome, pre-departure and feedback calls as well as helping with student queries relating to all aspects of their time overseas.

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