Our houses

In each of our destinations we have a large private house which you can call your home for the duration of your placement. It is a shared space, with an onsite housekeeper and caterer that work together to keep everything clean, tidy and well run The Program Manager and Assistant Program Manager are regularly in the house to keep up to date with your hospital placement and answer any questions. We also employ security staff to make sure the houses are safe and secure.

Meals and fresh water are included in the program and our caterer will always incorporate specific dietary requests. We also make sure there are nice social areas so that you can relax with a group of international peers at the end of a day. We also run free weekly language lessons to help you integrate in the hospitals. 

When we set up each house our staff are very much involved - we use local providers to "dress" the house and craftsmen to provide the furniture. This means each house is entirely unique to the area. In some cases they are also quite eclectic! Many companies prefer to offer the chance to stay with a local family in a home stay. This is commendable in some cases, but our students often find that immersing themselves in the hospital during the day is enough of a cultural challenge and that actually coming back to the Work the World house - knowing it is safe, secure, English speaking, full of friends, lots of fun, has a comfortable bed and delicious meals is far preferable! 

The Dar es Salaam house


Sleeps up to 39 people.

You may think of Dar es Salaam as a busy, hectic city - and it is in the centre - but travel out to the suburbs and there are some lovely beachside areas of town. Sea Cliff Peninsula, where we are based, is one of these - and it has attracted lots of expats and high commissions, which means there are some quality restaurants, bars, leafy avenues and beaches to enjoy.

The house has a large garden with a swimming pool, large social spaces and big bedrooms. You also have easy access to the city, so getting to placement or Zanzibar is easy.

Our team in Dar es Salaam

The Arusha house


Sleeps up to 32 people. 

Arusha is a real travel hub, with lots of tourists passing through en-route to Kilimanjaro or the Northern safari circuit.

The centre of the city is full of hectic bars and restaurants, so we have chosen to set up home in a prosperous, gated community that has great access to the centre should you want to visit, but is away from the chaos if you want to relax. 

Our team in Arusha

The Ghana house


Sleeps up to 28 people.

Although we are in the centre of the city, Takoradi is filled with lots of mini communities and our house is in the heart of one of these. Kids play in the streets and local shops create a buzz of friendliness. It is also very easy to get to placement because there are lots of buses and taxis at the end of the road! Of all our African houses, this one will truly make you feel like you are living in an African city.

Our team in Ghana

The Sri Lanka House


Sleeps up to 36 people.

Sri Lanka is often thought of as humid and hot, but Kandy's highlands offer a more temperate base. Warm with a refreshing breeze - perfect to enjoy the remarkable sunsets from the roof balconies.

This is the largest of all our houses and from it's base in the center of Kandy, offers easy access to everything on offer in the town and excellent transport links for adventures further afield.

Our Team in Sri Lanka

The Pokhara house


Sleeps up to 26 people.

Pokhara is split into two communities - the old town where the locals live, and Lakeside, which is where the tourists congregate. We have chosen to make our home in old Pokhara as it gives students a much better sense of the Nepalese community. It is also easy to travel to Lakeside to take advantage of the internet cafes and Western style bars -  it takes just 15 minutes.

Our team in Nepal

The Kathmandu house


Sleeps up to 28 people.

Our house in Kathmandu is in a beautiful residential area of the city. The house is elevated from the main road and front the roof top terrace you get a stunning 360 degree view of Kathmandu.

Public transport is readily available and it is just a short ride to the centre of the city.

The house has a huge dining area, living area and communal spaces - both inside the house and outside in the garden.

Our team in Nepal

The Iloilo House


Sleeps up to 34 people.

Our beautiful house in Iloilo is perfectly located for easy access to the hospitals and city amenities. Thanks to the brand new river esplanade, it is possible to take a relaxing stroll to the extremely popular and lively Smallville complex, known for its abundant bars and restaurants.

The house itself is in a stunning location overlooking the Iloilo river and Molo Church and is nestled in a friendly and affluent residential community.

The house provides a spacious and welcoming home for everyone to come back to after busy hospital placements and endless weekend adventures.

Our team in Iloilo

The Dumaguete house


Sleeps up to 28 people.

Our house in Dumaguete was chosen for its fantastic central location, proximity to the hospital and ease of access to the city's most popular bar and restaurant district.

The house is located in the safe and affluent and quiet residential neighbourhood, just a short journey from the ocean.

You can enjoy stunning sunsets year round and there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy your time in this fantastic city. To say it is a home away from home would be an understatement.

More about Dumaguete

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