Iloilo Highlights

  • Some of the best diving in the world
  • Hike to hidden Buddhist monasteries
  • The best beaches and clearest waters in Southeast Asia
  • Experience being 'cooked alive' in a kawa hot bath
  • Join in the island's festival culture

Available Electives

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Iloilo and Beyond

Iloilo, ‘The Heart of the Philippines’, is a charming city located on the appropriately heart-shaped island of Panay. Flavoured by the traditions of the Hiligaynon people who inhabit it, Iloilo is a cradle of Filipino culture. Here you’ll experience mouth-watering local cuisine, unspoiled offshore islands with white sand beaches, ornate churches left by Spanish colonists, and lively festivals that commonly happen without warning. Further afield you’ll discover Boracay Island - which boasts some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia. Antique, in the jungles further north, has human-sized bathing cauldrons in which you can experience being ‘cooked alive’ (don’t worry, it’s really quite pleasant). There’s also whale watching, trips to the mango plantations, mountain hiking, hidden monasteries, and much more.

home away from home

When you arrive we’ll collect you from the airport and take you to our private, fully catered accommodation. The house is just north of the Iloilo River in a quiet residential area, and from it you’ll enjoy impressive views across the river to Molo Church, and further afield to the beautiful island of Guimaras. Our support team on the ground will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly for the duration of your internships in the Philippines. Your meals will be cooked by your in-house chef, as will the weekly barbecues held on our stunning rooftop terrace. Finally, our experienced security guard keeps the premises under his watchful eye to make sure you’re completely safe, making it the perfect base for our internships in the Philippines.

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ADD-ON: Village Healthcare Experience

This is a one-off opportunity to live among the Ati tribe in their village on Guimaras Island. First you’ll meet the tribal Chief and receive a village orientation. Then in the mornings you’ll work at a local health clinic learning how to treat all manner of illnesses with extremely limited resources. This is the perfect complement for all Philippines internships. Your afternoons are free and you’ll enjoy activities like learning traditional weaving, handicrafts and herbal medicines, island hopping around the coast, and playing customary Filipino games. The barbecue and traditional dancing at the end of your stay will be the perfect end to this once in a lifetime experience.

Li, David

Case Study

I did 19 extractions in 2 hours.

David Li, Griffith University 2016

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Dahlberg, Kristen

Case Study

I chose to take the Village Healthcare Experience, and I’m so glad I did!

Kristen Dahlberg, University of Illinois at Chicago 2015

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Tester, Emily

Case Study

There’s so much to learn here, so don’t turn down learning experiences.

Emily Tester, University of Nottingham 2015

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Warriner, Alex

Case Study

The hospital staff made a huge effort to make us feel welcome.

Alex Warriner, University of Edinburgh 2015

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Nardi, Melanie

Case Study

an unbelievably life-changing cultural experience

Melanie Nardi, University of New England 2015

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Physical therapy


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7,107 islands make up the Philippines. A tiny handful of these are home to the Ati tribe. In this post we explore the history, healthcare and cultural traditions of these people - all of which you can experience first-hand should you take your elective in the Philippines.

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