Why Us?

Work the World is the leading provider of medical, dental, nursing, midwifery, physical therapy and pharmacy internships and placements in Africa, Asia and South America. 

We are well established in a wide variety of hospitals and clinics across Africa, Asia and South America, and liaise with you to design a placement that matches your requirements. It can be tough to organize a placement when you have exams and college work to the think about, so rest assured we will take away all the hassle of organizing it and make sure you feel 100% supported throughout. As well as regular contact with the head office team, you will have personalized access to our online facility, MyTrip. This provides all the information you need about your placement, as well as downloadable supporting documents for your university. We will also send you any information you need for your visa application.

Once you arrive in country, our overseas teams are there to meet you and take you back to your new home. Language lessons, food and accommodation in the Work the World house are all included, as well as 24/7 support throughout your stay.

All you need to focus on is enjoying the experience!

Working overseas - is it for me?

In terms of your professional development, there are many reasons why an overseas elective is so valuable.

Hospitals in developing countries are short staffed and often have a high patient load, so students find themselves involved with treatment and patient care very quickly. Under resourced wards can also mean a return to the basics of healthcare education, diagnosing and treating conditions without adequate laboratory or medical equipment.

There is also a great opportunity to see cases that are seldom, if ever, found in the Western world. Whether you are interested in tropical diseases such as malaria, leprosy or dengue fever, or wish to focus on specific areas like oncology in Africa, this is a great chance to expand your medical knowledge.

Unfortunately cost, distance and a lack of education in resource-poor countries means patients regularly present themselves with diseases or pathologies that have advanced to a critical stage. The chance to witness and treat these conditions will undoubtedly teach you new skills and enhance your understanding of disease progression.

Why choose Work the World?

  • Carefully structured, well-organized, individualized placements, which you can walk straight into. All arranged with the minimum of logistical fuss
  • Good, safe, secure local accommodation, with well-stocked fridges, drinking water and a housekeeper and caterer onsite
  • Comprehensive pre-departure preparation from experienced, knowledgeable head-office staff Support, advice and guidance from full-time local staff, available around-the-clock whilst you are in-country
  • Excellent opportunities for further travel and a network of likeminded people to travel with, which create a unique multidisciplinary element yo the placements
  • Rotations, clerkships, clinicals, "away" electives, global health placements - we can arrange whatever you need
  • We are able to work with every nationality and tailor each placement to suit your needs

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