by Work the World

Zanzibar was full of surprises for one lucky lady this week. On Tuesday, birthday girl Farana was surprised by her two friends Gayle and Stephanie, who took her out for a surprise dhow trip to one the sand banks off the coast of Zanzibar.  There is some fantastic birdlife that flies overhead and ghost crabs that rush across the bank. It is quite an experience to be on such a deserted spot in the middle of the ocean and Farana and her friends enjoyed the trip even though they were a bit windswept!

The girls didn't go to the hospital that day, so when everyone returned from their elective placements later in the day we all sat on the bacony at the house and had a barbeque. Afterwards we surprised Farana with a birthday cake and she gave the students a short speech. Everyone was really enjoying listening to music and having fun so some of the students asked us to call them a daldala so that they could continue the party at Africa House , a cool bar in Stone Town with a great view over the water. Twenty One students and staff all joined in and we had a great time!

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