by Work the World

Today was very chilled out, music playing (the radiologists spent most of the morning playing Bryan Adams songs on YouTube. My head hurts!), everyone smiling, I even got on with some CT scans in the afternoon which was cool. Apparently tomorrow is going to be a massive party, it’s my last day at Manipal and also the head of department is going to be away for 3 weeks so everyone’s celebrating!

Thursday night’s send-off for Debraj was really nice, we went to Club Amsterdam for a bit, and watched the most enthusiastic tambourine player that I’ve ever seen, before heading over to Busy Bees to finish the night. A different band was playing, but the setlist was the same, it’s like an alternative cabaret and I like it. We hit the shisha and practiced blowing smoke rings until hypoxia set in, and then we ordered some pizza. It was a lovely evening, but for once I wasn’t the last one in the door because the sleep deprivation is starting to have an effect and it isn’t much fun.

Then Friday arrived - my last day, and it was emotional. Everyone was so kind; Dr Asis gave me an evaluation report, certificate, and two pin badges to remember by time here. He also talked to Anna and I for a good two hours about how we should visit Calcutta (his home) and how it’s the most beautiful place on earth, by which time we were starving so as soon as he finished we sprinted to the canteen. I ordered veggie samosas which are massive and delicious, and today’s were no different except for the deep fried beetle I found in between the pastry layers! First insect in the food since I got here and I’m glad it was my last meal in the canteen or I’d be frantically checking for more every day.

After lunch I went back to Radiology and tried my hand at reporting some lumbar spine MRI cases which was interesting! Luckily they were fairly common straightening/disc bulge cases, but I still find MRI really challenging because there’s so much information to process.

Then as the afternoon went on I decided it was time to take some photos to remember the place by. I had such a brilliant 3 weeks and everyone was so nice and accommodating, it was really sad when 4.30 rolled by and it was time to go. My Clark’s handbook was passed round the department and some really lovely messages have been written in the back, so I’ll always have something to remember my elective by in years to come when I’m on call, looking up skull views at 3am.

I managed to maintain my composure on the bus ride home, but when I got in the door there must have been some dust or something in the air because my eyes started leaking, which was inconvenient. No one saw so I think I’ve managed to keep my reputation!

After dinner we went out to Busy Bees and all I’m going to say about that is that it was carnage, and once the photos have been vetted by those in them, a pictorial account will probably be adequate. I won’t embarrass anyone by going into detail, but all I will say is that a whole load of Nepalese people now know a fun way to share shisha around.

We got in at about 2ish, exhausted and monsooned upon, but having generally enjoyed ourselves.  Then about 6 hours later I woke up, had breakfast, packed my stuff and headed for the hotel in Lakeside where I’ll be staying til the end of the week. Speaking of which it turns out my reading comprehension is in need of improvement, as I thought I flew back to LHR on Saturday morning, but it’s actually Friday, which means I need to go and beg the agent I booked my PKR-KTM flight with to change it to a day earlier!

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