by Work the World

We've been talking to the Society of Radiographers prize winners about how they felt when they found out that they had won the opportunity of a lifetime, and what they hope to achieve during their time away...

"I am so excited about this opportunity.  I never thought I would win with all the other highly talented students out there so I am honoured.  Today I got the call from Simon to start discussing what country I would be interested in going to - very distracting when I am studying for my exams next week!  Work the World offers a variety of countries so I am looking forward to sitting down after my exams and going through each destination in detail to see which one appeals the most.  A reward after the hours of revising and sitting exams.  From first impressions I would like to travel to Peru or Ghana, but I need to do more research before I decide.  I would like to experience a more rural hospital to see how radiography is applied there compared to the UK.  While abroad I hope to spend time in the community and experience local customs and traditional meals." Tasha Kirby

"On hearing that I was a winner of the competition I was ecstatic! It was the best Christmas present ever and for days it felt like a dream. It was so surreal - to go work in Africa has always been an aspiration and to think I was chosen makes it extremely rewarding.  I have been in touch with Work the World, so it already feels like my journey has begun. Each time I speak with the team I get more excited – if that’s possible! I’m planning my trip for June time, which won’t come soon enough, but will be so satisfying after exams! I cant wait to go and experience the vast differences in culture, religion and ultimately healthcare. Meeting new people is something I love and although their healthcare systems may not be as privileged as ours today, I know there will be so much to learn from them and it will be a life changing experience.' Tasha Jevdett

We wish both Natasha's the trip of a lifetime and can't wait to hear about their experiences in whichever destination they choose.

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