by Work the World

On Friday afternoon 8 of us headed out to a small seaside village called Beyin and it was extremely relaxing.  The tro was quite squashed, but we managed to arrive at our destination just as the sun was setting over the water.  There was no time to enjoy it though as right outside our resort the tro got stuck, and we needed to push it out with the help of several locals!

In true Ghanaian style, dinner took over an hour to arrive, but we spent the time visiting and enjoying the sound of the rustling palms and crashing waves. Amazing!

We awoke early Saturday morning to head out on a canoe ride to the village of Nzulezu (a village built entirely on stilts over a lake).  In another timely arrival, we pulled up just in time to take shelter in the local bar as the clouds let loose on us!

When the rain finished we set out to explore the village with our guide.  There was one ‘main street’ that led through the village, with several paths leading to individual homes.  The homes were all very small one-room dwellings, and I’m sure each housed many people.  The village has one school for the children that is government run. Despite this the community must still pay for the teachers.

Living over a lake on stilts presents several unique challenges.  The lake around the dwellings was littered with all sorts of trash.  Several of the villagers were swimming in the water, and we were also told that the villager’s drinking water comes from the lake.  The water is a very odd colour, appearing to resemble coke - our guide explained that this colour comes from disintegrating vegetation, but I’m not entirely convinced that this is the only reason for the lake’s odd colour!

Another challenge is cooking.  Because all of the huts are made of wood, cooking is done in special areas where tin and sand are used on the floor to prevent fire from destroying the village.


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