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  1. Great rural healthcare placements – We have developed a brand new placement working with a mission hospital about 50 minutes from the house. There are 100 beds in total with 2 doctors, 12 nurses and around 90 outpatients a day, and the hospital can accommodate medical and nursing students. This is a unique opportunity to experience rural health issues, with the top ten cases including malaria, anameia, gynaecological conditions, joint pain, skin, vaginal discharge, hypertension, diabetes (and related illnesses) and gonorrhea. We can offer a 2-4 week placement in a range of departments including general wards, maternity, and surgical.
  2. HIV clinic - Not only do we have a great relationship with the hospital, we have a brilliant Programme Manager who is keen for our students to experience everything. Programme Manager Joe's latest efforts are directed toward the HIV clinic held on Thursdays at the hospital. Our students regularly work at the clinic, regardless of discipline, allowing them to get involved in the treatment and management of HIV, as well as the education of Ghanaians about the disease. Currently, the clinic handles around 250 outpatients.
  3. Excellent Village Healthcare Experience options - we work with different villages, but all highlight the difference in health care provision in rural Ghana. Feedback has been uniformly positive and students always remark that it gave them an opportunity to experience a very different type of health care. The afternoon activities are also great fun - visiting the local palm wine tapper, gin distillery and rubber plantations, working on the school health programme, taking canoe trips and  visiting local herbalists.
  4. Pharmacy placements - 2012 sees the launch of Pharmacy placements in Ghana!  Joe has built up a great relationship with the Head of Pharmacy and the staff in the department are eager to explain about Ghanaian practices. Students will also hopefully be given the chance to make some presentations about Pharmacy in their home countries.
  5. Midwifery placements are brilliant - Ghana is fast becoming THE destination for midwifery students. We have had a string of hugely successful feedback from both student and professional midwives about their time in the government hospital and the private clinic.
  6. Child nursing placements - Ghana is our most popular placement for child nursing students. Joe has worked extremely hard in the last 12 months to build a reputation and understanding with the nursing staff about our students expectations and learning outcomes. The paediatric department routinely receives top feedback and an appreciation of staff that are welcoming and involving. In her de-brief Joe told us Carly Heywood placed it top  “She was so happy with her placement, accommodation and food.when asked about which department she really enjoyed most,Carly said Paediatric ward was more structured and she learn a lot from both the doctors and nurses”.
  7. How is it different to Tanzania? - It's always hard for people to distinguish between the two as both are great in their own rights and one being good at something does not mean the other isn't! I would recommend our placements in Ghana for teaching, guidance and support though. The Director of Nursing told us she feels almost maternal towards Work the World students, and that sums up the atmosphere at the government hospital - people want Work the World students to really enjoy their time in Ghana, to learn as much as they can and to share education and skills. Christopher told Joe in his debrief “doctors include us more in Ghana than in the UK and we follow them during ward rounds". From first week at the General Med where his supervisor was always keen to teach and ask him questions, to the third week at A and E where he was actively involved in the practice on top of excellent teachings, he enjoyed every bit. He settled in very quickly and was allowed to do some examination, taking of history and Vitals etc. In his debriefing he mentioned that he could not fault any aspect of his time”.
  8. Professional placements (medical) - We have had a number of professional medical students undertake placements in the last year. I would strongly recommend Ghana for professionals. The staff in the hospital are very receptive to them and will typically allow them greater freedom to get involved.
  9. Busy and fulfilling physiotherapy placement - This department really got the recognition it deserved when Esther Afolabi spent four weeks there and had an incredible experience. In her debriefing, Esther mentioned that she had a great time at the ENRH and the house. "The physio department offered her the opportunity she will not have back home. She was amazed at the level of hands-on and the friendliness of the staff team.She told me she can not recommend WTW more than enough and therefore opted to be an Ambassador”
  10. THE HIGHEST RATED DESTINATION IN 6 MONTHS! - A quick look at our surveys show that Ghana consistently gets the highest marks in everything from the house to the hospital. Our first Work the World programme was in Ghana, and the development really shows - just check out our case studies and you will see how great the programme is.

If this hasn't convinced you, we'll give Joe, our Programme Manager in Ghana the final words...

"for practical and knowledge based placements, I think Ghana is totally in the lead. Supervisors and hospital staff are well motivated and have become friends. They are therefore always willing and ready to assist WTW students. This is the real deal!"


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