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It’s an exciting time at Work the World. After months of speculation we can now reveal that our newest destination is Panay Island in the Philippines!


Our new programme gives students the chance to combine some of the world’s best beaches, diving and vibrant festivals, with individually tailored electives in an emerging nation that has to tackle both prevalent communicable disease, as well as lifestyle-related issues like diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

There are endless opportunities for placements in the wide-ranging state hospitals. Filipinos are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, and with English the main language spoken, proactive students will find it easier to develop a relationship with supervisors that can lead to more patient interaction. Whether you are interested in key departments like Orthopaedics or Paediatrics, or want to focus on something more specialist, like leprosy or Palliative Care, this is your opportunity to develop and learn new skills, as well as understand more about global health.

For those interested in learning more about the Governments drive to solve the huge disparity in healthcare between rich and poor, there is the unique opportunity to split your placement and work in a rural health unit on Panay Island. The aim is that these clinics will help tackle the high rates of malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and dengue, as well as maternal and infant mortality.

It is an excellent opportunity to see how developing countries reconcile ongoing and new healthcare issues, and a chance to gain first-hand experience of advanced pathologies and disease that you may have only read about in textbooks.

Give us a call and get your name down – we predict this is going to be our big destination of 2013, and we don’t want to give your spot away!

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