by Work the World

I started in Obs and Gynae on Monday. As with my paediatrics placement, I’ve been putting in extra hours hoping to get the most out of my elective and it has been an interesting week!

Monday started with ward rounds with all of the consultants (staff doctors), house officers (residents), and several nurses.  Most of the cases on the three wards are c-section cases, with only a few gynaecological patients.

After ward rounds Dr. Muwali and I headed down to the clinic to do an obstetrical clinic.  Most of our patients were pregnant women who had urinary tract infections or malaria.

What strikes me most about clinics here is the lack of patient privacy.  Patient’s do not have appointments, but rather show up at the hospital and wait 

Once in the clinic room, a patient could experience several interruptions - nurses come and go (and ask questions about their own health or other patients), other patients enter and exit the room, and the doctors and nurses answer private phone calls on their constantly ringing cell phones.  Patient histories are rarely complete, and minimal communication seems to take place between the doctor and the patient.  It’s very different to home.

Throughout the week I observed several surgical procedures - c-sections, ectopic pregnancy terminations, and myomectomies (fibroid removal from the uterus).

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