What's included?


  • Private, catered accommodation at the Work the World house
  • 30 hours of Spanish Language Tuition

Intensive Spanish Courses - $800 USD

If you’re thinking about travelling with us to Mexico or Peru, think about taking our Intensive Spanish Course.

This 30-hour course gives you what you need to start using Spanish in conversation. Start with the basics, and transition to clinical terms and phrases that will give you confidence in the hospital.

Lessons run Monday to Friday in our partner Spanish language school in the same city as your placement.

Throughout that week, you’ll live in the Work the World house, so you can still settle in and socialise with your housemates. Breakfast and dinner are served in the house as normal. You can read more about life in our houses here.

Unless you are very confident in your Spanish speaking abilities, and have a strong grasp of clinical words and phrases in Spanish, you should think of this course as necessary.

Understanding and communicating effectively with local people means you’ll have a more fulfilling trip.

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Enquire now to see how you can add our Intensive Spanish Course to the beginning of your placement.


Don't just take our word for it — read stories from fellow students who've already travelled.

"We went through things that were relevant to my role as a radiographer, and even created scripts that would help me rehearse conversations I might end up having with patients."

Jason Brook - Intensive Spanish Course, Teesside University 2017 –