We create structured and supported international healthcare internships in hospitals all over the world. You can choose your destination and which departments you’re interested and we will will confirm and secure these before your departure. You can travel whenever you want and for as long as you like. You will have total support both before you travel and while you’re overseas, and you’ll live in our private, catered accommodation. There’s no application process—as long as you are on or have completed your clinical degree, you can travel.


We can get you access to top departments and specialists in low-resource overseas hospitals, giving you firsthand insight into global health. From medical to nursing, we have clinical internships abroad to suit you.


Whether it’s paragliding over snow-capped peaks, trekking through rainforests, exploring ancient hindu temples, or soaking up the sun on palm-lined beaches, our healthcare internships abroad are in some of the world’s best locations.


Don't just take our word for it. Whatever your discipline—medical, nursing, pharmacy or beyond—you can click below to read in-depth stories from undergraduates who have undertaken internships with us.