A midwifery internship abroad is a voluntary hospital placement you undertake in under-resourced wards in the developing world.

Our internships are of an educational nature. They are the perfect complement to your midwifery or nursing studies and will boost your future career.

On an international midwifery program you can get experience in OBG, NICU, prenatal and postnatal care, labor wards…. Whether you’re studying towards a professional midwifery or nursing degree, your volunteer experience is completely customizable.

You’ll see labor complications resulting from a lack of prenatal care, how limited funding impacts care provided (many women labor without pain-relief), and learn about some fascinating sociocultural beliefs surrounding childbirth.

If you’re focus is more adult, pediatrics or otherwise, head to our nursing page for more information.


An internship with us will help you (and your resumé) stand out from the thousands of other nursing and midwifery students finishing their degrees every year.

On our internships, you’ll:

  • Expand your clinical knowledge and skill set
  • Develop your confidence and resourcefulness
  • Build your personal and professional network
  • Sharpen your verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Become more attractive to employers

Your clinical placement runs Monday to Friday. So, you can spend evenings and weekends traveling around a breathtaking country you might never have the chance to see again.

Who are we? 

We're Work the World — Experts at planning, customizing, and building midwifery internships abroad. We've created internships for 15,000+ students from 400+ universities worldwide since 2005.

Our service is end-to-end, and it includes:

Internship customization (choose your destination and departments) | Comprehensive pre-trip support | 24/7 in-country support team | Private, catered accommodation

We operate 52 weeks a year and arrivals are every single Sunday. The minimum internship duration is one week, with no maximum.

For more detail about how our service works click here.


As long as you have started your professional nursing or midwifery degree you are eligible.

You can also travel if you are already graduated. However, please note that our midwifery placements abroad are educational in their nature and designed to give you experience in a low resource hospital setting under the supervision of local qualified professionals. 


First, submit an inquiry using the form at the bottom of the page. Tell us where, when and why you want to travel as well as your current level of study.


Next, a member of our consultation team will review your inquiry then call you to discuss your eligibility. They will also answer any questions you may have. 


Once we have confirmed your eligibility, you need to submit your application form and pay your registration fee. We will then confirm your placement and availability within 48 hours.


Indonesia - Yogyakarta
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More than half of all births in Indonesia are in rural areas. Many women in these areas believe that following religious beliefs and using a traditional birth attendant called a ‘dukun’ (the village shaman) or a ‘paraji’ leads to a healthy pregnancy. This limitation on modern prenatal care can lead to pregnancy complications like eclampsia, and some of the women experiencing them will come to your placement hospital in the city. You’ll be right there alongside local midwives, seeing these women through their personal, individual challenges.

Mexico - Merida
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Merida is the cultural capital of Mexico with striking colonial architecture, lush central plazas and bustling boulevards. In the evenings, the city transforms with restaurants and bars in full swing. Beyond the city, you’ll dive in beautiful underwater caves or ‘cenotes’, relax on tropical beaches, and visit breathtaking Mayan temples.


Dealing especially with expectant mothers and infant pediatric cases, we’ve partnered with a specialist maternity hospital in Merida. The number of beds here is limited, making the wards busy. This high patient number means you’ll gain insight into a number of cases that afflict pregnant women in low-resource environments. You’ll see how resourceful local specialists are when it comes to handling intrapartum complications, such as breech births.

Vietnam - Hue
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A bustling hub of Southeast Asian culture and popular with backpackers. Busy markets, popular bars and delicious street food across the city. Nearby, find tropical beaches, rainforests, and ancient temples and pagodas.


We’re lucky enough to be partnered with the biggest university teaching hospital in the area. In this low-resource clinical setting, you’ll learn from local specialists, gaining experience from day one. Under the supervision of local midwives, you’ll spend time in the hospital’s OBG department, taking part in all aspects of both maternal and infant pediatric care. If you want to get experience with midwifery abroad, Hue is an excellent choice.

Zambia - Lusaka
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Lusaka is the bustling capital city of Zambia. While here you can visit any number of the country’s 20 game parks and see rhino, lions, elephants and cheetah. You can even canoe along the shore of the great Zambezi river to watch hippos wading. Immersing yourself in the rich local cultures and traditions so ingrained in Zambian tribal culture is a highlight.


Assisting with high numbers of live deliveries on a daily basis is normal for a Zambian midwife. While pre and postnatal care is generally lacking in the country, it’s possible to gain experience in our partner hospital. You could gain experience with HIV positive mothers, mothers with malnutrition and a host of other complications. Emergency labors like breech births are also common.

Cambodia - Phnom Penh
Monk in Angkor Wat Cambodia. Ta Prohm Khmer ancient Buddhist temple in jungle forest
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The Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh is a city of contrasts, where some of the world’s most ancient temples co-exist with markets touting branded knock-offs. In your free time, boat to paradise islands off the coast and trek deep into lush jungles to glimpse sun bears, leopards, and elephants.


A Midwifery Internship here will emphasize the sometimes harsh realities faced by Midwives in the developing world. Under expert supervision you could learn from local staff, watching them deploy creativity with limited resources, engage with birthing complications, and gain experience with HIV positive mothers. If you want to do a midwifery internship in Asia, Cambodia is a top option. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Phnom Penh.

Monk in Angkor Wat Cambodia. Ta Prohm Khmer ancient Buddhist temple in jungle forest

Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
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Dar es Salaam is a rapidly developing, fast-paced metropolis. Surrounded by nature, you’ll have every opportunity to go on safari, try national dishes, and take the boat over to Zanzibar island for sun, sand, and sea.


On a Midwifery Internship here you could be spending time alongside local Tanzanian students, assisting in complicated surgical births. Visiting a ward reserved for mothers with HIV will further open your eyes to the realities of healthcare in the developing world, and how local Midwives provide care with limited resources. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Dar es Salaam.


Nepal - Pokhara
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Pokhara is tucked in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains — a stone’s throw from adventure. Think paragliding, trekking, and temple-touring.


On your Midwifery Internship you’ll assist in our partner hospital’s Maternity Department, getting to grips with Antenatal Clinics, which often see high patient numbers. The department also has Post-natal, Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia Units, where you’ll see how both standard and complicated procedures are handled with low resources. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Pokhara.


Nepal - Kathmandu
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Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, home to ornate temples, bustling markets, and delicious traditional street food, and the Himalayan Mountains. Beyond the city you can try paragliding, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, and a number of other adventure activities.


On your Midwifery Internship you could be assisting on a busy Delivery Ward, as well as in Post-natal and Post-op. The prevalence of HIV presents a challenge for many breastfeeding mothers and infants here — an issue that will open your eyes to the differing responsibilities faced by Nepali Midwives. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Kathmandu.


Philippines - Iloilo
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Iloilo is a melting-pot of Filipino culture and has stunning tropical vistas. Dive into emerald coastal waters, join in on one of the many local festivals, and celebrate the full moon on the famous ‘party island’ of Boracay.


On a Midwifery Internship here you could be assisting a dedicated delivery team, and rotate through areas like Reproductive Endocrinology, Cervical Pathology, and Gynaecologic Oncology. High patient loads often mean women share beds, giving you firsthand insight into how a lack of resources can impact delivery of care. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Iloilo.


Sri Lanka - Kandy
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Kandy is surrounded by tropical forests, rare wildlife, and idyllic beaches. With the chance to go trekking, swim with dolphins, and explore ancient ruins, you won’t be short of exciting experiences.


On a Midwifery Internship here you could be assisting on Antenatal, Postnatal and Premature Baby Units, witnessing complicated procedures as well as observing terminations. On this program, seeing firsthand how patient numbers regularly exceed bed space will highlight the impact a lack of resources has on local mothers and the hospitals that care for them. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Kandy.


Ghana - Takoradi
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In Takoradi, live music, busy African craft markets, and traditional restaurants all add to the city’s buzzing atmosphere.


On a Midwifery Internship here you’ll find that limited resource means prenatal care is a luxury for most expectant mothers. The maximum length of stay in the hospital’s birthing unit is five days. Undertake your placement here and you’ll discover that cultural traditions surrounding birth in Tanzania are very different from those at home, providing you with new insight and lots of professional growth. If you're looking for midwifery internships in Africa, put Ghana to the top of your list. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Takoradi.


"Women had to bring linen, gauze, syringes, umbilical clamps, a razor blade, food, and water."

Emily Grieve, 2019

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"I was amazed at how much the doctors, nurses and midwives could do with the limited resources."

Leticia Romero Barrios, Middlesex University 2020

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"All of us had the most amazing experience and it’s not something we will ever forget."

Rachel Green, Hannah Jeavons, Sonia Takhar & Caroline Furey, Birmingham City University 2019

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"The biggest difference in healthcare and Kathmandu was the lack of resources and equipment."

Catriona Mc Sorley , Keele University 2019

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"I knew straight away that I was about to be involved in a whole new world of patient care."

Chloe Doust, Anglia Ruskin University 2019

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