Become the midwife you know you could be

An overseas midwifery internship will help shape you into the midwife you have the potential to become

Travelling overseas to spend time in a low-resource hospital is the kind of experience that offers massive potential for learning and personal growth.

By the time you get home, any worries you had about your studies and career before you left will seem minor and you’ll feel ready for anything.

Employers understand this too. So if you graduate with an overseas midwifery internship on your resume, they’ll fight to get you in the door.

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"I plan to use the skills I acquired for patients in my career as a registered nurse on a maternity unit." - Katherine, Pennsylvania State University

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Invest in your future

There are almost three million nurses in the USA, but only 0.01% of them can demonstrate the sought-after experience our voluntary internships provide.

Invest in your future — become a part of that 0.01% and set yourself apart.

What exactly is a midwifery internship abroad?

Midwifery Elective in Dumaguete

A Work the World internship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to experience a voluntary clinical rotation in a hospital in the developing world.

In a low-resource African and Asian partner hospitals, you’ll have your eyes opened to things like:

  • Women enduring labor without pain relief
  • Episiotomies performed during most labors
  • His levels of labor complications like preeclampsia
  • A lack of patient privacy — multiple mothers in one bed
  • Traditional herbal medicine used in place of modern techniques

You’ll see all the challenges local midwives face each day, and come back a stronger and more confident midwife because of it.

Starting to sound like the opportunity you’ve been looking for?

2021 - MidwiferyHere are some things you should know:

  • You can choose your destination
  • You can choose your departments
  • You can stay for as long or short as you like from 1 week+
  • We will fully prepare you before you go
  • Our in-country team will support you 24/7 while you’re overseas
  • You get full supervision in the hospital
  • You will live in private, catered accommodation

Internship opportunities start every Sunday, all year round.  Here’s some more good news: As long as you have started on a professional nursing or midwifery degree you automatically qualify for a place on your internship of choice. There is no application process — you don’t need to submit your transcripts or write a five-page essay to get accepted - here's how it works

Travel and adventure

On a trip like this, your attention should be focused on the hospital experience. But you’ll have plenty of time in the evenings and on weekends to explore the country you’ve chosen to visit.

You can choose one (or more) locations in Africa and Asia.

When you get there, you’ll live in a big private house with other healthcare students like you from all over the world. You'll go on big weekend adventures together with the new friends you make - from kicking back on tropical beaches to trekking through the Himalayan Mountains.

Whether you’re travelling solo or as a group, a midwifery internship is your chance to make memories and do something big before you graduate into the working world.

Choose your Destination

Why work the World?

We're the experts in planning, customizing, and building midwifery opportunities abroad. We started in 2005 and since then we’ve created internships for 18,000+ students from 400+ universities around the world.


Why ARE there limited SPACES?

Our partner hospitals are full working hospitals. That means there’s a reasonable limit on the number of midwifery students we can send. So please remember that when one of our destinations is full, it’s full.

But you can secure your place in your first choice of destination by getting in early.

Need more information before you make your choice? Whatever your inquiry, we’re here to help.

Get started now by putting your information into the form below and one of our experienced consultants will get back to you.


If you’re not ready to inquire, you can browse our destinations to uncover some of the eye-opening opportunities you could be a part of.

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Ghana - Takoradi
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In Takoradi, live music, busy African craft markets, and traditional restaurants all add to the city’s buzzing atmosphere.

On a Midwifery Internship here you’ll find that limited resource means prenatal care is a luxury for most expectant mothers. The maximum length of stay in the hospital’s birthing unit is five days. Undertake your placement here and you’ll discover that cultural traditions surrounding birth in Tanzania are very different from those at home, providing you with new insight and lots of professional growth. If you're looking for midwifery internships in Africa, put Ghana to the top of your list. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Takoradi.

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Sri Lanka - Kandy
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Kandy is surrounded by tropical forests, rare wildlife, and idyllic beaches. With the chance to go trekking, swim with dolphins, and explore ancient ruins, you won’t be short of exciting experiences.

On a Midwifery Internship here you could be assisting on Antenatal, Postnatal and Premature Baby Units, witnessing complicated procedures as well as observing terminations. On this program, seeing firsthand how patient numbers regularly exceed bed space will highlight the impact a lack of resources has on local mothers and the hospitals that care for them. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Kandy.

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Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
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Dar es Salaam is a rapidly developing, fast-paced metropolis. Surrounded by nature, you’ll have every opportunity to go on safari, try national dishes, and take the boat over to Zanzibar island for sun, sand, and sea.

On a Midwifery Internship here you could be spending time alongside local Tanzanian students, assisting in complicated surgical births. Visiting a ward reserved for mothers with HIV will further open your eyes to the realities of healthcare in the developing world, and how local Midwives provide care with limited resources. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Dar es Salaam.

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Vietnam - Hue
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A bustling hub of Southeast Asian culture and popular with backpackers. Busy markets, popular bars and delicious street food across the city. Nearby, find tropical beaches, rainforests, and ancient temples and pagodas.

We’re lucky enough to be partnered with the biggest university teaching hospital in the area. In this low-resource clinical setting, you’ll learn from local specialists, gaining experience from day one. Under the supervision of local midwives, you’ll spend time in the hospital’s OBG department, taking part in all aspects of both maternal and infant pediatric care. If you want to get experience with midwifery abroad, Hue is an excellent choice.

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Philippines - Iloilo
Find out more

Iloilo is a melting-pot of Filipino culture and has stunning tropical vistas. Dive into emerald coastal waters, join in on one of the many local festivals, and celebrate the full moon on the famous ‘party island’ of Boracay.

On a Midwifery Internship here you could be assisting a dedicated delivery team, and rotate through areas like Reproductive Endocrinology, Cervical Pathology, and Gynaecologic Oncology. High patient loads often mean women share beds, giving you firsthand insight into how a lack of resources can impact delivery of care. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Iloilo.

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Nepal - Kathmandu
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Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, home to ornate temples, bustling markets, and delicious traditional street food, and the Himalayan Mountains. Beyond the city you can try paragliding, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, and a number of other adventure activities.

On your Midwifery Internship you could be assisting on a busy Delivery Ward, as well as in Post-natal and Post-op. On a placement here you'll see that the prevalence of HIV presents a challenge for many breastfeeding mothers and infants. This will also open your eyes to the struggles Nepali Midwives face in dealing with the issue. Read stories from those who’ve already traveled with us to Kathmandu.

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"I had no idea that by spending two weeks in a Ghanaian hospital how much my confidence would grow in relation to midwifery, and me as a person too."

Amy New, Staffordshire University 2021

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What is a midwifery internship?

A midwifery internship is a clinical rotation midwifery students can undertake in low-resource hospitals overseas. To create your own customized midwifery internship overseas, learn more here

How old do you have to be for an internship?

You have to be at least 18 years old to undertake a hospital internship with Work the World. Apart from age, you need to be a college student enrolled in or accepted on a professional nursing/midwifery degree.

How long is a Work the World midwifery internship?

A midwifery internship is as long as you want it to be. Our minimum placement duration is one week with a maximum duration of 12 weeks. Costs vary depending on location and duration. 


The benefits of our midwifery placement include:

  • Expanding your clinical knowledge and skill set
  • Becoming more confident, independent and resourceful
  • Making yourself more attractive to employers
  • Doing some traveling
  • Building your personal and professional network
  • Sharpening your language and communication skills