Sri Lanka has something for everyone.  Adrenaline junkies will love the world-class surf, trekking and rafting whilst animal-lovers can swim with dolphins and track wild elephants in the national parks. Into history and culture? The UNESCO temples are something to behold. There are even a few tropical beaches thrown in for good measure.

The Work The World House

Our house in Kandy will be a hub of activity throughout your internship overseas. Think of it as your home from home. You will share the house with other healthcare students from around the world, which gives the house a lively atmosphere.

You’ll find the Kandy house at the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from Kandy Lake.

Outside the house, you can hop into a tuk tuk and zip off to visit ancient temples, cool off in a hotel pool, ride up to the Big Buddha statue to watch the sunset over the bustling city below, and have some fun in the local bars and restaurants.

The house itself is open and airy, which is perfect for the warm climate.

The layout also offers plenty of social areas in which you and your housemates can unwind after a day on the wards.

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In-Country Team

Management team: Based in the house, they oversee your entire Work the World experience — 24/7 — from the moment you land to the moment you leaveCatering team: cook a variety of both local cuisine and familiar home comforts, accommodating all dietary requirementsHousekeeper: keeps the house clean and tidy from top to bottom, making sure you're comfortableLanguage teacher: visits the house twice per-week. During their lessons, you’ll learn everyday phrases and clinical terminology to help you get more from your overseas internshipSecurity team: Monitor the house 24/7 for extra peace of mind

Support in the Hospital

Before you officially start, our Kandy team will take you to look around your internship hospital. You’ll meet your supervisors and other staff from the departments you’ll be spending time in. This will help you adjust a little before diving in.

The team will come back to visit you at intervals right the way through your placement. This is just to make sure you’re getting what you need from the experience and everything is running smoothly.

We will assign your clinical supervisors before your internship start date. Build rapport with them and they’ll give you insight into the healthcare system in a way that only a local practitioner is able.

The fundamental idea is that we support you all the way through your clinical internship, if and when you need it.

Healthcare Internships in Sri Lanka

Internships in Kandy

Medical Internship, Sri Lanka (Kandy)

Medical Internships

On your medical internship in Sri Lanka, you'll see how different things are from what you’re used to. You’ll observe and treat cases uncommon in America. For example, dengue fever, typhoid, and an inordinately high volume of RTA injuries. You can spend time in a range of departments including oncology, ICU, OBG, general medicine, and general surgery.

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Nursing Internship, Sri Lanka (Kandy)

Nursing Internships

While nursing in Sri Lanka in one of our partner hospitals, you can rotate through a range of departments. This allows you to get a broad understanding of Sri Lanka’s healthcare system. You’ll see cases that are either rare or non-existent in America, including dengue fever, tuberculosis, and malnutrition to name but a few.

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midwifery electives in kandy sri lanka

Midwifery Internships

You’ll immediately start seeing the contrasts between maternity in America versus in Sri Lanka. In our partner hospital’s OBG department you’ll see women giving birth with little to no pain relief. This is the result of the relatively high cost of medication in Sri Lanka. C-sections are also common, making up 40% of births. One of the core benefits of an internship here is learning from niche specialists who’ll share their expertise on local conditions and practices.

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Nursing electives in Sri Lanka

Radiology Internships

The radiology department in our partner hospital in Kandy is one of the few in Sri Lanka that offer all types of radiographic diagnostic services under one roof. This means that the department is often busy, even though it’s open 24/7. To give you some idea, on any given day, local staff can perform up to 400 X-rays, 150 CT scans, and 10 MRIs. Undertake your internship here and you can choose to rotate through any (or all) of the following: X-ray rooms, the dental X-ray department, the CT room, the MRI unit, the DSA unit, and the mammography unit.

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Dentistry Internship, Sri Lanka (Kandy)

Dentistry Internships

As soon as you set foot on the wards, you’ll begin to understand what we mean when we say ‘low resource environment’. You can experience a broad range of areas in your field, whether that be orthodontics, the OPD, maxillofacial surgery or something else entirely. The unique insight you’ll gain and experiences you’ll have here will help you develop as a professional.

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Physiotherapy Internship, Sri Lanka (Kandy)

Physical Therapy Internships

Kandy offers a greeat opportunity to get experience with physical therapy in Sri Lanka. You can spend some of your time in the physical therapy unit’s rheumatology department, getting a wealth of experience unique to this destination. Or you might choose to spend time in the neurosurgical ward (focusing on respiratory cases), in the surgical ICU, or in cardiothoracics. There is also an OPD in which you can help rehabilitate patients using basic gym equipment. Common cases include cerebral palsy, strokes, fractures, burns, MSK, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and beyond.

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In addition to your main placement in Kandy, spending an optional week at our Ayurveda Experience is a must. Each morning, you’ll head to the small local forest clinic. This is where you’ll learn about the ancient healing art of Ayurveda. The (world-famous) local doctor is a skilled healer who creates medicines from plants and barks. Each afternoon you’ll take part in activities like canoe trips along narrow jungle rivers, ox and cart rides, wild elephant safaris and even full-body massages at an Ayurvedic spa.


Spices, dried food and cereals, Nepal

"I undertook ward rounds with the consultant and assisted with examining patients. I spent time in the scanning room with one of the registrars, who explained a lot to me".

Iris Tournoy, Gent University 2024

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"Doctors are so revered in Sri Lankan culture that patients rarely speak against them or challenge them."

Daisy Tudball, Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry 2022

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"My time in the hospital was really interesting. The saying ‘you only get out of it what you put into it’ could not be more accurate. I had the four best weeks of my life."

Michiel Notelaers , Universiteit Gent 2022

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"The hospital staff were really welcoming and keen to get me involved. Most spoke really good English, and it was fascinating that all patient notes were in English too."

Samantha Jolliffe , University of Surrey 2022

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When I first went to the hospital I couldn't believe how busy it was. There was a constant flow of people.

Charlotte Tincknell, Kingston University 2022

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What healthcare disciplines do Work the World cater for?

Work the World organize short-term educational healthcare internships for the following disciplines: 1. Nursing and Midwifery 2. Medical 3. Physical Therapy 4. Radiology 5. Pharmacy 6. Dentistry 7. Occupational Therapy 8. Paramedicine 


Our house in Sri Lanka is situated in the heart of the city of Kandy. The house itself is open and airy -  perfect for the warm climate, and there are plenty of social areas for you and your housemates to unwind after a day on placement.


Sri Lanka has something for everyone. Adrenaline junkies will love the surf, trekking and rafting whilst animal-lovers can swim with dolphins and track wild elephants in the national parks. There are even a few tropical beaches thrown in for good measure.

How much does it cost to do a Work the World internship?

Costs vary depending on where you go and the duration. Details of inclusions and costs can be found here