I've already graduated, can I still go?

Yes you can. Whether you're newly qualified or you’ve been practicing for a few years, you can still go on a once-in-a-lifetime overseas internship.

You’ll get exactly the same level of trip customization as everyone else. You may even get more choice, depending on your level of experience.

You choose the destination you want to travel to and the departments you want to get experience in, and we’ll build your perfect placement.



Highfield MatthewYou can choose from a huge range of hospitals and departments when planning your placement with us: Teaching hospitals, regional hospitals, large government hospitals, tertiary referral centres, specialist hospitals, small rural health posts… The choice is yours.

And when you’re on placement you’ll get invaluable experience with some of the world’s most pressing global health issues. You’ll also see:

  • Different cultural attitudes towards care
  • Religious beliefs affecting practice
  • Patients who can’t afford even the most basic treatment
  • Extremely late presentations and advanced conditions

You also have complete flexibility when it comes to shift patterns. You can undertake day shifts, night shifts, or both.

Work the World Houses


You’ll live in an exclusive, private fully-catered house for the duration of your trip. 

You’ll live with a mix of fellow healthcare students and graduates. But you’re all together for the same reason. So over the weeks you’ll meet new people and form bonds, making professional contacts for life.

You get a premium, specialized experience with our team-run houses. You’ll live in safety and comfort the whole time you’re with us. And the house will feel like your home away from home.

You even get in-house chefs, a housekeeper, and a 24-hour security team for your peace of mind. 


Travelling Solo?

Are you planning on travelling by yourself? You have nothing to worry about — the vast majority of graduates who visit our programs do just that. And you’ll meet plenty of new people in the Work the World house.

You can also rely on the Work the World in-country team to look out for you while you’re overseas. They work from a base in the house and will be there as and when you need them, both in and out of the hospital.

But you can certainly plan a trip with your friends or colleagues too. Just be mindful that programs have limited spaces. You should try to inquire as early as you can so that you get the greatest possible choice.


Your healthcare internship is the focus of your trip. Wherever you choose, adventure awaits. 

In your free time in the afternoons and weekends will be packed full of experiences like:

  • Relaxing on palm-lined, white-sand beaches
  • Getting close to elephants, lions and giraffes on safari
  • Swimming with curious sea turtles on warm tropical reefs
  • Hiking (or paragliding!) through the Himalayas
  • Spending a weekend hopping between paradise islands



Choose Work the World and you will be in the most experienced and capable hands in the world of overseas placements

We’ve individually tailored 18,000+ experiences for healthcare students and graduates just like you since 2005. 

You’ll quickly notice that other providers don’t typically focus on any one area— they offer a bit of everything. So you get a much more specialized experience with Work the World — the healthcare internship specialists.

We dedicate 100% of our time to building and overseeing quality overseas internships, and nothing else. So you get total peace of mind knowing that we have the best understanding of what makes a perfect overseas healthcare internship. You'll get support tailored to your needs every step of the way. 

What do I do next? 

Whether you're only in the early stages of considering going overseas for your healthcare internship or you have a few (or many) questions - get in touch using the inquiry form. One of our Placement Consultants will then arrange a quick call with you to find out your aims and objectives at a time that is convenient.