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Our story begins in 2005. We started by speaking to healthcare students and professionals like you, and it became clear that there were serious complications and pitfalls when it came to independently organising internship placements overseas.

We wanted to redefine the standards of overseas placement experiences, so that’s exactly what we did -

Raising standards

Creating a one-size-fits-all internship abroad solution wasn’t going to work. Too many people had unique priorities and areas of interest.

So we developed a way of working that, to this day, allows us to deliver exceptional clinical experiences customized to each individual’s goals and interests.

We also resolved to develop and sustain fair, ethical partnerships with overseas hospitals, clinics and surrounding communities as a basis for delivering the best healthcare placements in the world.

Our first overseas program opened in Ghana in 2005. Since then we have opened up a wide range of destinations throughout Africa and Asia.

Today, we’re creating award-winning internships for more students and healthcare professionals than ever before - a direct result of our commitment to delivering the best overseas clinical and travel experiences in the world. Since we started, we’ve proudly tailored more than 20,000 placements in low-resource healthcare settings all over the world.

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Who do we cater for?

We customize healthcare placements for students and professionals, whether you’re undertaking your placement as part of your degree, or just want a new challenge to boost your career prospects. We have hundreds of testimonials from students all over the world.


A team of experts

Our team brings expertise from an extraordinary range of different professional backgrounds. For you, that means getting a better experience than you'll find anywhere else.

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Safety & Security 

You’ll find peace of mind in the knowledge that our well-established safety measures will protect you, whichever destination you travel to. 

This is because our safety blueprint gives us control over each and every aspect of your experience; from your in-country team's safety training to your private accommodation. We constantly review and adapt our safety protocols in every single program we operate in to ensure that you can relax and enjoy the experience in the knowledge that we’ve covered all bases.