Our story began more than a decade ago, here in Brighton in the UK. We wanted to reformulate the standards of overseas healthcare internships, so that’s precisely what we did.

We understood that developing one solution to fit everyone couldn’t possibly work—too many people had individual priorities and areas of interest. So, we engineered a way of working that, to this day, lets us deliver customized clinical experiences of an unprecedented level of quality. We were also totally determined to develop and sustain fair, ethical partnerships with overseas hospitals and the communities surrounding them. This was, and is, our basis for delivering the best overseas healthcare internships in the world.

That was more than a decade ago. Now, we’re crafting award winning experiences for more students than ever before. This is a result of our commitment to offering overseas clinical and travel experiences of the highest standard. Since we began, we’ve crafted over 12,000 placements in a diverse range of healthcare settings all over the world.

We now have an office in Boston, Massachusetts and regularly carry students from both the US and Canada. We also have expert teams at our offices in the US, the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands, and overseas teams running our programmes in Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Mexico, Ghana, Zambia, Cambodia and Vietnam.


We customize clinical internships for healthcare students and recent graduates. If you are a student you need to be in or have completed the first year of your clinical degree. For example, if you’re studying medicine, you need to be in medical school—we cannot accept pre-meds at this time.

Please note we do not offer paid internships or cater for volunteering experiences.

For more details around the internships we offer or the destinations in which we run them please use the buttons below.