Keeping you safe overseas

You can feel at ease knowing that alongside delivering an exceptional overseas clinical placement, your safety is our biggest focus. 

Rest assured that all the destinations you can travel to with Work the World are safe for travel. But you'll get additional peace of mind when you understand the extra precautions we take in every single destination.

Below you'll find out exactly what we do to make sure you have a safe internship abroad, and about actions you can take to help you feel more confident while you're away

Before You Travel

You will have regular contact with a dedicated member of our expert team from the moment you secure your place.

And you'll receive detailed information about your overseas destination and the hospital you’ll undertake your internship in.

By the time your departure date comes around, you'll be brimming with confidence ready to fully enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

You can rest assured our experts have all the answers — they have prepared thousands of students and graduates just like you.

your Arrival and departure

When you land at your destination airport, a member of the Work the World team will be there to meet you. They will then take you to your accommodation (more on that below).

When it’s time for you to go home, we make sure you get back to the airport safely too.

Travel to a Safe destination

Rest assured that all the destinations you can visit with Work the World are safe for travel.

And each destination meets our strict criteria around safety and stability.

You can take extra assurance from the fact that we have a comprehensive list of in-country safety protocols that we revise, adapt and improve upon regularly.

And we stay up to date with the Department of State guidance, and their equivalent in all our destinations.

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Stay in Private accommodation

Your stay in a Work the World house is a huge part of the experience. You'll make new friends, eat delicious meals and live in total comfort. But you will also be safe.

You will share the house with fellow students and graduates, but only those undertaking a Work the World healthcare internship. The houses are all located in safe, carefully vetted neighbourhoods known to our in-country teams.

And the properties are very secure. Each house has a 24-hour security team, and we keep records of who comes and goes, day and night. All bases are covered.

Exclusive accommodation

In-country teamS

Your locally-hired in-country team is there to support you throughout your internship. They are based in the Work the World house and available 24/7.


Your team will take you through comprehensive briefings and orientations when you arrive to help you feel more confident in your new surroundings.


Your team is trained to handle emergency situations, in the extremely unlikely event that one should arise.


You will also get access to a 24/7 emergency phone line that a member of our head office team will answer.


in-country support

In the hospital

The support your in-country team offers extends into your placement hospital too.

The team has strong relationships with healthcare professionals in all our partner hospitals — from junior members of staff to hospital directors.

You are responsible for yourself in the hospital but our staff have a high level of presence in our partner hospitals.

This allows them to step in to resolve any issues you may have, rare though they may be.

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