by Joe Jamieson

Our Service

As the title suggests, this post outlines how Work the World will plan your perfect overseas placement, step by step.

1. ChoosE Your Destination


— Students on their way to placement —

When you first get in touch — via the enquiry form at the bottom of this page or by phone — you’ll speak to one of our expert Elective Consultants. They’ll help you choose the best destination with your individual clinical needs and interests in mind. Based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our teams in the UK and overseas, we’ll give you detailed advice on our destinations, partner hospitals, even individual departments to help you make the most informed decision possible.

2. Gain Access to Our Library of Resources

— Our Nepali Language Teacher on the roof of our private house in Pokhara —

Once you’ve made your choice and registered, we’ll call you within 48 hours. We’ll talk you through MyTrip — your online placement planner, which has essential information about your booking, and a detailed timeline of what you can expect in the lead up to your trip.

We’ll direct you to other great resources like student reviews and video content to help you get a better idea of what your placement will be like.

We’ll also give you access to our language guides and accompanying videos, which have been designed to teach you not only basic words and phrases, but also clinical terminology that will help you get even more from your hospital placement.

We’ll even send you a Work the World T-shirt in the post.

3. Access Your Personal Online Dashboard

— The MyTrip dashboard —

It’s then time to start working through your MyTrip dashboard, reading all the essentials and filling in your personal details, and providing overview of what you want from your placement. During this time, we’ll be in contact with you to give you all the guidance you could possibly need on things like:

  • University paperwork
  • Placement confirmation letters
  • Travel insurance
  • Indemnity insurance
  • Visas
  • Organising flights
  • The type and amount of currency you’ll need
  • Which clothing to take etc.

4. How We Tailor Your Experience

— In developing healthcare systems, latex gloves are often washed and reused to save money —

Everyone has their own needs, so we make sure every placement we organise is unique. About three months before you’re due to depart, we’ll call you for an in-depth talk about your clinical interests so we can create your ideal placement.

Using feedback from recent students, the knowledge of our in-country teams, and the extensive experience of our Operations Managers (more on them below), we’ll work with you to design the perfect experience.

You’ll have in-depth discussions about your work experience and overall objectives, and we’ll give you detailed advice regarding cultural differences and different conditions and practices you might see.

A quick note on our team of experts —

Our Operations Managers are responsible for setting up and running our destinations. They know absolutely everything when it comes to clinical opportunities, local culture, travel opportunities, and general destination information.

They make regular trips to the destinations they’re responsible for, giving them a deep understanding of how everything works. They also hire and manage the in-country teams who make sure your placement is everything you expect while you’re overseas. There’s no one on the planet better placed to organise and oversee your experience.


Our tireless in-country team picks up from here, liaising with the hospitals and clinics you’ll spend time in to lay down the structure for your placement.

An enormous amount of important work goes in on the ground to customise the placement to your needs. The close relationships our locally hired in-country teams have with our partner hospitals make this customisation possible.

Once the placement is set up and confirmed, your MyTrip dashboard will be updated with detailed information about your hospital, departments you’ll spend time in, any add-on experiences you’ve opted into, your private accommodation, who your housemates will be, and the staff who’ll look after you while you’re overseas.

6. Just Before You Go


One week before you’re due to depart, we’ll call you one last time to talk through the final steps of pre-departure preparation. We’ll confirm details like your arrival time and and the plan for when and where our team will pick you up from the airport.

We’ll also go through what you can expect to happen when you arrive at the house, and during your hospital and local area orientations. This is also a good chance for you to ask any last-minute questions before you head out.

This is a very top level overview of what we do. A blog post can’t do justice to the real hard work and attention to detail that goes on behind the scenes.

So, if you have any questions about our tailoring process, the rest of our service, or just want to speak to someone with the answers, either fill out the short enquiry form at the bottom of the page.


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