On your midwifery internship in Ghana, you'll have the chance to assist with live births as well as engage with expectant mothers in pre and postnatal care. You'll see birthing complications and surgeries in our partner hospital, whereas in the clinics, natural births are more commonplace. As is culturally traditional, you may also see women giving birth in total silence. Your time off can be spent swimming in the Volta region's waterfalls, tracking wild animals in Mole Game Park, and much more. Read what our students think below!

Kirstie Newbrook


Amanda Green

University of Leeds 2010

Midwifery, Ghana Takoradi

Pain relief in labour is rare and only used when a woman brings it to hospital with her, it is common however for woman to rely on religion as a focus during pain; it is not uncommon to hear a woman praying to Jesus for help.

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Anne Dichmont

University of Liverpool 2011

Midwifery, Ghana Takoradi

The strength of Ghanaian women is inspirational. Not only do they click their way through contractions but manage to walk between two rooms in order to bring their newborn to this world.

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