Arequipa and beyond

  • Arequipa is… “A white-stone city surrounded by three volcanic peaks. Set in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, it’s a place of music, dancing, and stunning natural beauty.”
  • Explore the Amazon rainforest, hike dormant volcanos, discover floating villages on Lake Titicaca, and go white-water rafting
  • Hike through mist-filled forests on the Inca Trail for summit views from the ruined citadel of Machu Picchu
  • The people of Arequipa are warm and welcoming, with a rich culture and indigenous Quechua roots
  • Intensive Spanish Week: Boost your language skills with a week-long Spanish course that is tailored specifically to healthcare internships.
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Accommodation and team 

Your accommodation is located in a residential neighborhood, 20 minutes from the main tourist hub in Arequipa. The Work the World house is spacious and beautifully maintained, with a chilled-out atmosphere and plenty of space to socialize with new housemates. Arequipa receives around 300 days of sunshine a year, so the rooftop terrace and first floor sun room are great places to relax.  

Overseeing the house is our dedicated Program Manager and their assistant. Here for round-the-clock support, they’re supported by our in-house chef and housekeeper. The chef cooks two meals a day, and lays-on a fantastic house BBQ once a week. Throughout your stay we also host twice-weekly language lessons provided by a local teacher.

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Aimed at students who don’t already speak conversational Spanish, our week-long Intensive Spanish course is tailored specifically for healthcare students. We’ve worked with the same local language school for a number of years to create a course that helps you get the most from your clinical internship in Peru.

The course includes 30 hours of Spanish lessons, delivered over a week to a small group. Two-days are dedicated to medical history taking, and you’ll cover other topics that relate to the departments you'll be placed in. The focus is on clinical phrases and words that will help you communicate within your department and understand more during your placement.

Placements in Peru - Arequipa

Speakman, Lauren

"To anyone considering spending their summer in Peru with Work the World - GO! It’s an experience of a lifetime that you won’t regret."

Lauren Speakman, Auburn University 2017

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Van Berkel, Kate

"Under supervision I was able to palpate some lumps, discuss X-rays with the consultant, and assist with a cervical biopsy!"

Kate Van Berkel, Monash University 2017

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Case Studies

"Each medical case that I saw was as interesting as the next."

Emma Simson van Dijkhuizen, University of Nottingham 2016

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Lennon, Georgina

"I got back to basics and improved my core skills".

Georgina Lennon, University of Greenwich 2016

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Foster, Caitlin

"You get to see how patients are treated without all the tools we use at home."

Caitlin Foster, Monash University 2015

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