What do students say about us?

We have hundreds of detailed testimonials from students who've travelled with us. We strongly believe in our service and the experiences it provides, and our student testomonials validate this.

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Jenna Adalbert - MEDICAL Student at Thomas Jefferson University

"The hospital placement far exceeded my expectations. I scrubbed into a multitude of orthopedic procedures, daily. In addition to enhancing my surgical skills and experience, I was challenged to push past my boundaries by asking questions and interacting with unfamiliar physicians practicing surgical methods different from what I’d seen in the U.S.

The hospital had all the departments you’d find in a U.S. hospital, but lacked resources. In spite of this deficit, physicians were adept at diagnosing and treating conditions with minimal assistance and supplies. I would absolutely recommend this program! It is well organized and provides structure and support throughout."

Maura Coughlin - Nursing Student at Simmons College

"I found myself doing many of the same procedures I’d done doing during my clinical rotation at home. Inserting urinary catheters and NG tubes for example. But learning how to do these in such a low-resource setting was enlightening. 

I spent some time alongside local nursing students too. They were keen to show me how they performed their procedures. We entered into fascinating conversations about the similarities and differences in our education."

Nicole Iacullo, Nursing Student, Pennsylvania University

"During my time in Dar es Salaam, I learned how to be resourceful, making the most out of what was available. I learned how to respect other cultures and how to avoid being judgmental when things are done differently to what I'm used to.

I learned a lot clinically, especially about things that are not as common in the US, such as HIV and malnourishment. I also learned how to communicate with paople I didn’t share a first language with, which will be useful to me when I am a qualified nurse back in the US."

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