by Work the World

Have you ever wished you could fly? To swoop around amongst the birds? Well in Nepal that wish could come true. Paragliders in Nepal have combined their skills in the sky with expertise in handling falcons, creating a brand new experience that really will see you flying with the birds.

The new adrenaline sport to hit the headlines is aptly named parahawking and uses trained birds of prey to fly alongside paragliders, guiding them to thermals so that they can make the most of their glide down to land, adding extra excitement to a flight with a display of aerial acrobatics.

Nepal’s mountain ranges and low plains provide a great home for birds of prey such as the griffon vulture, steppe eagle and black kite. It was those conditions that took British falconer Scott Mason to Nepal in 2001, and when he saw the birds flying as he made his descent, he struck upon this exciting new sport.

Scott’s company is still based in Nepal and is gaining more and more interest as the “must do” activity in Pokhara. The company only uses rescued birds, no healthy birds are trapped and taken from their natural habitat, and each of their hawks or eagles enjoy taking to the skies with the paragliders.  They have even trained one bird to carry a video camera – quite literally a birds eye view of you making your descent!

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