by Work the World

Hi it is me Lewis, reporting on the week.

I have recently come back from Maasai land, where I took some students for the 7 day experience. I love taking new students as everyone is so suprised with Maasai life and it is true, there is something remarkable in our tribe.

The trip all went really well. Before they came out, the students had only seen Maasai on television or in magazines and books. Living in the village they had the chance to not only see them but live with them and share many things (except sharing wifes!).

Students get time to work with the community and one day they had the opportunity to cook in one of Maasai houses with the help of the host mother. The house has very small windows (in fact they are not really windows, just small holes!) and they had to help make makende, one of our Maasai foods. It got pretty hot in there but it was good for them to be a part of the family.

The other day we went to visit the Maasai spiritual healer. We talked to him and learnt many things. Most of the students asked about relationships as they are so different with the Maasai. The healer told the students of a love potion that he can make, which the students asked him to give to them to use when they go back to their home. It was funny because one of students asked me if she could try it on me to see if it works!!

That's all from me - see you next week for some more Maasai updates!

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