by Joe Jamieson

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The detailed pre-departure preparation we provide is a great reason to travel with us.

We do most of the work for you, but we want you to participate at every step. One of the ways we we keep you involved is via MyTrip, our online placement planner.

MyTrip is an interactive dashboard that contains personalised information about every aspect of your trip. We use it to collaborate with you, tracking and updating your progress throughout the pre-departure process.

MyTrip isn’t the whole picture—much of the planning takes place person-to-person on the phone and via email. But it’s a great visual resource that keeps the process tidy.

So, what can it do?

The dashboard serves three main purposes.

  • It acts as your interactive preparation timeline, detailing each step in the run up to your trip
  • It gives you detailed information about your clinical placement, the hospitals you’re going to spend time in, and info about the Work the World house you’re going to live in
  • It contains your Info Pack—an encyclopaedia of information about the country you’re travelling to

Your Preparation ChecklisT


This is an interactive checklist of things you need to provide us with in the run up to your trip.

It’s as easy as clicking on each item, submitting the information, and clicking save. Each item will turn green as you complete them. You can see exactly what you still need to do, at a glance.

Your Itinerary


This is a visual timeline of your trip.

You can use this timeline to access information about the Work the World house, the hospital your placement is in (including the departments you’ll be spending timr in and when), and any additional experiences you’ve chosen to undertake.

Accommodation and Hospital Information


Using the interactive itinerary, you can navigate to pages containing more specific information.

Accommodation pages

The accommodation pages are detailed, but digestible. This is where you’ll find information about your house’s facilities, food, public transport, a map of the area, and local nightlife.

You can also read short bios of the team who run the house, and see pictures of your housemates and what they’re studying.

Hospital pages

This is where you’ll see information about your clinical placement. The page offers an overview of the hospital you’re going to undertake your placement in and how to get there (we’ll show you how to get there when you arrive, too), the departments you’ve been assigned to, the names of your supervisors, and what you need to bring with you to each.

You’ll have access to multiple hospital pages if your placement is split across more than one hospital.

Information Pack

MyTrip Post

The ‘Info Pack’ is an encyclopaedia of information about our programmes. We’ve been curating it since we started building bespoke placements over 12 years ago.

The information it contains is broken up into clear sections. These sections detail what you can expect, what you should plan ahead for, things you need to consider as your departure approaches, and what happens when you arrive.

Each section is packed full of valuable knowledge. You can learn everything from what to expect from your in-hospital supervision, to the best ways of adapting to the culture. And from to what kinds of clothes you’ll need based on local climate, to how much a beer will cost in the average bar.

The Info Pack even contains language guides with accompanying videos that focus on clinical words and phrases you’ll hear in the hospital.

You’ll get access to the all-important contact numbers of your in-country team, suggested packing lists, visa information, tips on how to fundraise for your placement, guidance on indemnity insurance, and tips on how to get the most from your experience in the hospital.

Of course, all country-specific information is tailored to the destination you’re travelling to.


This is just a taste of what the dashboard has to offer. Even then, MyTrip is only one feature of our pre-departure experience.

A lot of the planning takes place on the phone and via email, too. And you can feel completely confident knowing that you now get even more flexibility when booking your Work the World placement. We've also introduced additional procedures in our accommodation to give you total peace of mind while you're overseas

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