by Work the World

Day 9 & 10

After an amazing weekend, I went back to the hospital for the start of a new week. I was lucky enough to observe a mammogram (they’re not quite as common as back home, but the hospital are working hard to get people in the door) which was then followed up by a sonogram to exclude any pathologies that may not have been present on the x-ray. This is such a good system, and they do it routinely for every mammo patient, whether they spot something on the initial mammo or not, and with a fairly high risk of breast cancer in this area, this is a vital service.

There was also the usual mix of head CTs for NCC which is something that I had never seen before coming here and can now spot in less than a second.

On Tuesday I went into CT for an hour and then we went on a trip to the local leprosy hospital, which is also a general rehab centre for people with leprosy, spinal cord injuries and disabilities. It was really nice, the facilities were great (nothing compared to home, obviously, but still excellent for the region) and we were shown around the whole site, so we got to meet some patients too.

Afterwards a few of us headed to the local market to lighten the mood, followed by a trip to Lakeside to pay for our safari next weekend. I visited a tea shop where I tried to figure out which kind of leaves the nurses use when they make the morning brew, and the owner really kindly gave me a bag of masala tea to try out, so if that’s it I’ll be back for a ton of it.

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