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Nepal Day One

Well I’m writing this part whilst sat on my bed in Pokhara after a really manic day/night.

The flight from Heathrow was ok, window seat, loads of food, but upon arrival at Doha we were already running late and my already short transfer time had turned into what seemed like an impossibility. I ran across to security and joined the massive queue where I quietly panicked that I was going to miss my connecting flight to Kathmandu. I ran like Forrest Gump around the terminal trying to find the gate that didn’t seem to exist, when eventually a crew member saw me and escorted me to the (already closed) check in desk. The staff were wonderful though, and they allowed me on to the flight, even though I had held them up by at least 10 minutes.

A quick aside point; we flew over Baghdad during the night and it looked incredible- there were vast expanses of darkness broken up by tiny lit up villages and the occasional military base. I must remember to look up the route on Google Earth at some point so I know what I was looking at.

The flight to Kathmandu was ok except some Polish bloke had stolen my window seat, but this meant I was sat next to a cheerful American who was on his way to Nepal to volunteer in an orphanage, so it was nice to chat. The journey over the Himalaya was spectacular, the clouds and the mountains seemed to merge into each other and there was a stark contrast between snowy peaks and lush mountainsides. Pokhara airport was I had disembarked, when the guy in charge of the metal detector wandered away from his post and told me to go through anyway. The second was in the security queue after I collected my bag, when a customs official asked if I had anything to declare and removed me from the queue and ushered me towards the exit!

I was met by the agent who had booked my flight to Pokhara, and he walked me the 10 minutes or so (in 30 degree heat with 20kg rucksack) to the domestic airport. Which was basically a large room with a few seats and some baggage scales. The flight from here to Pokhara was incredible (there’s video to follow) as it was a tiny 30 seater plane which skipped over the Himalayan clouds whilst the air hostess served drinks and snacks.

I was met at Pokhara airport by Anita, the WtW coordinator, who ushered me into a taxi (smaller than a Renault 5 and much more perilous) which took us to the house. There were six of us who arrived today so we were taken on a whirlwind tour of the city which involved being chased by a dog and avoiding the treacherous traffic! We ended the day with a meal in a traditional restaurant, during which we were all basically trying to stay awake. I haven’t slept since Friday night so I think I shall end today’s blog here!

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