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Today we have a guest article by Paul Hench, writer for a public health website.

 There are a number of questions that many have about disease and disease prevention. When you work in public health, understanding the way disease is spread, and how to prevent it can be very important. Not only is it important on a public health level, but it can also be helpful to you to understand about diseases. 

Whether you are working toward a masters in public health, or whether you are just looking for knowledge for your own personal edification, it can help to know about disease prevention. Here are some web sites that can answer your questions about disease prevention and health: 

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: This web site offers numerous FAQs about different diseases, and how to prevent them. Get your questions answered with solid information from a trusted official source.
  2. Includes useful Q&A resources on genetic diseases. You can learn more about prevention of genetic diseases, and what you can do to further research. Learn about testing, counseling and disorders. a great resource
  3. Disease Prevention – FAQs: Great resource from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Learn the basics of disease prevention, and what you can do to live healthier. Great guide in an easy to understand format.
  4. Office of Disease Prevention: Learn more about disease prevention by having your questions answered by the National Institutes of Health. This respected organization can give you answers about the latest disease prevention research, as well as provide you with insight into what’s next in disease prevention.
  5. Health Promotion/Disease Prevention: The AHRQ offers you answers to questions you might have about disease prevention. Includes summaries and FAQs of evidence reports, as well as hints for what you can do to practice good disease prevention.
  6. European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention: Europe’s site providing information, FAQs and more related to preventing disease

Epidemics - Learn more about what makes an epidemic. These Q&A sites can help you find out how an outbreak can turn into epidemic — and how an epidemic can turn into a pandemic. The answers to these questions can help you with prevention

  1. Anatomy of an Epidemic: Learn more about epidemics and pandemics. Have your questions about epidemics, and preventing them, answered by knowledgeable experts. Historic cases are included, and you can learn about epidemics through the ages.
  2. History of Epidemics and Plagues: Harvard offers this great information resource designed to answer questions about different epidemics. Includes answers to FAQs on different epidemics such the flue, smallpox and more.
  3. Pandemic Flu FAQs: Have your questions about pandemic flu answered. A no-nonsense source for information about what makes a pandemic, and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of the disease. Great disease prevention resource.
  4. 10 Worst Epidemics: Discovery offers a look at some of the worst epidemics. Have your questions answered about what made them so bad, providing clues for preventing future catastrophes.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about Avian Influenza A (H5N1) and Pandemic Influenza: Great Q&A resource related to the avian flu, as well as other pandemic flu issues. Aimed at travelers, you can learn how to prevent the further spread of pandemic disease.
  6. Pandemic Influenza Facts: Great resource related to pandemic flue. Easy to navigate answers to the questions you might have.

Vaccines - One of the ways we prevent disease and encourage public health is through vaccination. The following sites can help you learn more about vaccines, and how they are used to prevent diseases. Great resources to help you find out what it takes to prevent disease.

  1. Vaccination FAQs: This great Q&A resource is aimed especially at travelers. A great resource to answer your questions about disease prevention while you are abroad.
  2. New York State Department of Health Vaccination FAQs: Answers your questions about the safety of vaccines, and how they can be used to prevent disease.
  3. Thimerosal in Vaccines Questions and Answers: The FDA provides this Q&A resource to help you feel more at ease with vaccines containing thimerosal. Answers questions about research and approval processes.
  4. HPV Vaccine FAQs: A helpful FAQ about the HPV vaccine and how you can prevent this disease. A resource that can be of use to most.
  5. About Flu Vaccines – FAQs: You can learn more about the flu vaccine, and how it can be used to prevent the spread of disease. A useful resource from

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