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Ghana Takoradi, Destination Features

It is perhaps the 'Big Ben' or the Eiffel Tower of Ghana. Certainly every student who has had their placement in Ghana has visited this place. That is not to say there are not enough places of interest comparable to it in Ghana; the numerous castles, particularly the Cape Coast castle, Mole National Park, Buabeng-Fiaman Monkey Sanctuary, Lake Bosomtwe, the several waterfalls and a host of others are equally in contention, but this attraction is simply awe-inspiring. I am talking about the Kakum National Park.

Situated in the coastal enclave of the Central Region of Ghana, it is one of the most famous national parks in the country and the only park in Africa with a canopy walkway. Spanning a distance of about 1, 150 feet and 130 feet high, it connects seven tree-tops which provide access to the forest. Covering an area of about 350km2 and mostly made up of undisturbed rain forest, it is also home to several animal species such as elephants, buffaloes, monkeys, antelopes, birds and butterflies. 

Rope walking at Kakum isn’t for the faint-hearted but for those with guts and an insatiable taste for adventure

What gets me perplexed is the ‘scary’ nature of the ropes, yet the readiness and joy with which every visitor is prepared to walk on them! It is almost a paradox, if you ask me. This is not at all to scare any prospective fun seeker because the ropes are constantly checked for safety! Rope walking at Kakum isn’t for the faint-hearted but for those with guts and an insatiable taste for adventure!The other attraction at the park are the ‘tree houses.’ The tree houses are like large huts in the trees which accommodate visitors who want to catch a glimpse of animals at dawn. Visitors climb to the top of the trees (stairs provided!) and can stay overnight in the 'tree-houses' so that they can wake up to a sunrise safari. Have you signed up for placement in Ghana? As you buckle up your bag and baggage, don’t forget to grab your hiking boots and camera; a visit to Kakum Park is a near-must!

By Frank Asante – Assistant Programme Manager, Ghana

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