by Work the World

A Canadian newspaper - The St Albert Gazette - has published an article about a family who chose Work the World to help them honour their son.

Michael Westover was a medical student who was killed in a vehicle crash last year. To commemorate his life his sister Rachelle, a third year medical student, his fiance Keisha, an operating room nurse, his cousin Aryll, an ER nurse and his sister Chayne, a nursing student, decided to travel to Africa and use their medical skills.

As all of them were at different stages of qualification and had different needs, Simon in the UK office helped the family work out a range of placements that suited all of their skills and abilities. Tanzania was the best option - offering a developing country regional hospital for them to work in. They were also able to set themselves the challenge of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro as part of a six day hike, raising money for Ryans Well Foundation and for Paradiso Orphanage - a local orphanage that Work the World students regularly spend time at.

Over the course of their time in Tanzania, the girls managed to raise enough money to help rebuild Paradiso Orphanage. The St Albert article documents their challenging hike and their website MOWW shows the work they did at Paradiso, with some fantastic photos of their experiences there as well as during the hike. There are also some pictures of their village experience - added on to their placements through Work the World. You can also donate to MOWW who hope to continue their good work at Paradiso in Michael's honour.

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