Amelia HilsdonAmelia and her friend funded their entire trip

"My advice is to go for it!

Make sure you do a lot of research on local charitable groups in your area.

There are actually a lot out there that people don’t know about, that may be able to support you with a grant or funding.

You need to really do your research, I can’t stress that enough."

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Blog ImagesMaria Middleton's tenacity helped her fund her whole placement

"The main challenge was organising everything alongside my university study.

Every spare bit of time I had was either spent making crafts, sending letters out via email or post, or organising events.

Trying to get an equal balance was really hard, but definitely paid off. I got to Tanzania and had an amazing time."

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Honings, JanaAnd if you're feeling particularly adventurous...

"If you’re thinking about fundraising, just make whatever you’re doing as public as possible. Use every channel you can to get the message out there.

There will be people interested in what you’re doing. Just try it and make sure you think big!

We came from the idea of selling cookies and having a spaghetti night to putting on two concerts for 250 people."

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