MYTRIP PAGETake control of your Internship experience

Stay in the know about your overseas placement with MyTrip, your online trip planner.

Log in and you can dive into every aspect of your trip — your interactive timeline, preparation checklist, language videos, and info about your placement hospital and your accommodation.

Curious about who your housemates will be? MyTrip will show you profiles of who’ll be in the house at the same time as you. You can read all about your in-country team too.

You’re travelling to a country you might not have been to before. That’s why MyTrip gives you access to insider information and travel tips that would otherwise take you months to research.

MYTRIP PAGEGet prepared step by step

You’ll feel totally on top of your preparation knowing that you’ve got an at-a-glance online checklist that does the work for you.

Your checklist helps you keep track of everything from getting travel insurance to jotting down your placement objectives.

Ticked something off your list? Open MyTrip, tap the task and it’ll change from red to green so that you can quickly see what you still need to do.

MYTRIP PAGEYour entire placement at your fingertips

Your interactive itinerary is a timeline that covers the entire duration of your time in-country. This is so that you can easily visualise when and where everything is going to take place

You'll see info about your arrival and departure dates, your accommodation, and your placement hospitals — right down to the departments you've chosen and the dates you’ll be in them.

You can then tap on each section as a quick access to deep diving into the details.

MYTRIP PAGEGet years’ worth of expertise in minutes

Save yourself months of research by tapping into knowledge that has taken our experts decades to put together, collectively.

Your easy-to-digest Information Pack gives you access to:

  • What to expect from your hospital placement
  • Insight into local culture
  • Fundraising tips
  • Typical local costs to help you budget
  • Travel and indemnity insurance guide
  • Visa guidance
  • Templates for university documents
  • + More

"MyTrip reassured me in a big way."

"You have all the information you need right there in front of you — things you need to do, things you need to prepare.

I felt better every time I ticked something off.

There were times when I thought, “What have I not signed, not packed, not paid for?” Logging in and seeing it all done and laid out made that feeling go away.

I can’t tell you the number of times I loaded it up and looked at all the little green ticks that showed I’d already done everything I needed to do. It reassured me in a big way."

Charlotte O'Byrne, The Philippines

Get total support from start to finish

Don’t forget that alongside MyTrip you get one-on-one phone and email support. You’ll be in our experts’ hands from the moment you get in touch, right the way through your placement overseas.

We dedicate 100% of our time to building and overseeing quality overseas internships. So you get total peace of mind knowing that we have the best understanding of what makes a perfect overseas healthcare internship.

Take your first step towards your own once-in-a-lifetime overseas experience by getting in touch today to see what’s possible.