• Hue is... “one of Vietnam’s most dynamic cities, presenting opportunities for adventure around every turn and engrossing you local culture.”
  • Find waterfalls, diverse wildlife and natural springs by hiking through Bach Ma National Park
  • White beaches and clear seas can be found in the postcard-perfect Halong Bay
  • Cruise along the Perfume River aboard a kaleidoscopically coloured dragon boat
  • Take a train ride over mountain passes and past tropical bays to spend a weekend in Da Nang
  • Village Healthcare Week: This extra week spent within a local community will help you understand challenges of providing care in a rural setting


Away from the bustle of the city, our house in Hue is functions both as an oasis of calm and social hub.  The living space is roomy, and there are plenty of separate areas in which you can both socialise and relax depending on your mood.

Overseeing the operation of the house are your Programme Manager and their assistant. The two of them offer comprehensive support 24 hours a day throughout your trip. You’ll also benefit from a housekeeper, a chef who’ll cook you two meals per-day and a language teacher who hosts lessons twice a week.


During your city-based placement in Hue, you’ll see one side of the Vietnamese healthcare system. To see a completely different side, choose this extra week living with a rural community with a personal Work the World guide.

Each morning you’ll go to a local clinic and observe how local healthcare staff manage to treat the entirety of the local community with very little in the way of resources. Afternoons are filled with activities that will help immerse you in rural life. Learn about traditions through participation, help cook local specialties, and become a member of the local community.

Internships in this destination


"The healthcare in Vietnam is greatly under-resourced. Some things were difficult to observe."

Charlotte Marriage, Kings College London 2018

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"I was astounded by the lack of adequate monitoring equipment available to even the most fragile patients."

Olivia Novak, Edgewood College 2018

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"The staff in the hospital were keen to involve us in anything that was within our scope of practise."

Lucy Jamieson, Kingston University 2018

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"Travelling by myself was a lot less difficult than I thought it would be."

Celyn Thomas, University of the West of England 2018

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