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We craft highly tailored internships all over the world based on your interests as an individual. With a decade of experience sending 9000 students abroad you just won't find a service this complete anywhere else.

Case Studies


"Rotating through women's health was invaluable!"

Edinburgh Napier University 2016


Our destinations are unique and diverse. Whether you fancy trekking through rainforests, spotting exotic wildlife on safari or visiting tropical beaches, one thing you can be sure of; an adventure awaits!


Both students and professionals consistently tell us that working in in the developing world’s healthcare institutions is a life-altering experience. The difference between the care available to patients in the developed world compared to that in developing nations will make itself know immediately. Funding is a major issue, as are the lack of equipment and human resources.

You’ll also gain a new appreciation for the amenities afforded to both staff and patients in your home country, and acquire a new skillset from experienced specialists who work in such challenging environments, which is one of the most crucial parts of the whole experience. You’ll notice that relationships between patients and staff will be unlike anything you’ll be used to, as will the responsibilities designated to each discipline.



Getting out there and traveling the world will be one of the most valuable experiences you’ll ever have. It will strengthen your confidence and help you develop compassion – two of the pillars of healthcare no matter where you are in the world. Living and working in another country, another culture, will offer a perspective that no other experience can deliver. You’ll observe and participate in things that few others will have had the privilege of seeing.

You’ll try unfamiliar cuisine, join in festivals, and make a host of new friends from around the world. Learning new customs and languages is a given, as is coming to understand unfamiliar ways of life. During down time you’ll have every chance to go on adventures far beyond the reaches of the community in which you’ll be based. Climb 5000ft mountains, dive on shipwrecks, trek through jungles, explore ancient cities and enjoy calm golden beaches with a cocktail or two. We have destinations to suit every taste. Just say yes, and we'll do the rest.

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