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Getting experience in a low resource overseas setting is the perfect chance for you to develop as a radiologist. By learning a host of new techniques and improvisations, and adapting to a novel environment, you'll set yourself apart from other radiologists in your field. Whether you're a student looking for some special experience, or a qualified professional who wants something new, we've got something for you.

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"If your expertise lies in radiology, volunteer abroad.” - something both students and professionals in your field are often told. But there is another, better option than being a volunteer radiographer. If you truly want to sharpen your skills overseas and take the first steps to changing your life, get yourself onto one of out highly customized internships that have been designed to meet your every need. As soon as you join us, our team of talented Internship Experts will begin tailoring your radiology placement from the ground up. They'll oversee your placement from start to finish, including arranging your experience in hospital, tackling visa administration, and corresponding with their teams on the ground to make sure your experience goes smoothly. There's really no one better for the job.


An overseas placement is the perfect opportunity to get out into the world and actively expand the possibilities for progress in your life. All our partner hospitals and clinics offer you novel experience working in ways that may well challenge the best practice skills you've already acquired at home. You'll also come to understand the hurdles faced by local professionals, and how they've adapted to deal with them. And as most of our partner hospitals and clinics are under resourced, the standard of commonly used equipment may surprise you. But as a result of this, you'll learn techniques and acquire knowledge that you won't find anywhere else.

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As soon as your plane has landed you'll be in the care of one of our highly trained ground teams. They'll take you straight to your private, fully catered and security-guarded accommodation, and usher you through your placement by providing 24/7support. You'll also have immediate access to MyTrip - our interactive online internship tracking timeline. The reason we exist is to deliver highly tailored radiography internships that offer premium clinical experience that you quite simply can't find anywhere else. Remember that we design radiography internships for undergraduates and professionals, so whatever stage of life you’re at, get in touch today.

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Case Studies

Case Study

I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made.

Julia Mooney, Glasgow Caledonian University 2016

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Clarke, Alison

Case Study

X-rays were constantly taken with multiple patients and family in the room.

Alison Clarke, Birmingham City University 2015

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Faye & Saima's Review of their Radiology Internship in Arusha

Case Study

We have realized that three weeks in Tanzania just isn't long enough!

Faye Morrissey & Saima Dalvi, University of Derby 2014

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Sean's Review of his Radiology Internship in Nepal

Case Study

I’ve returned home with a fresh outlook on the type of practitioner I want to be.

Sean Kennedy, University of Ulster 2014

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Ashleigh's Review of her Radiology Internship in Nepal

Case Study

I do have great admiration for the hospital staff, who were relentless in their efforts

Ashleigh Bishop, Robert Gordon University 2014

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Radiography internships in Africa, Asia, and South America:

Tanzania - Arusha

Arusha is an energetic city, and one of the most interesting on Africa's east coast. Here you'll enjoy big game safaris, mountain climbing, heading out on extinct volcano tours, and a lot more. The town itself is a bustling mix of culture, and with a range of bars and restaurants dotted around the city your evenings are sure to be a whole lot of fun. Head out a little further to go on safari, climb mountains, explore volcanic craters, and more. Radiologists who choose Arusha will gain experience in a broad range of areas, and learn back to basics techniques such as developing X-ray using film. Remember that these aren’t merely radiology volunteer opportunities, they’re carefully planned internships that aid your own development.

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Tanzania - Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s biggest and most populous city, yet it is surrounded by some of the most extraordinary natural beauty you’ll ever see. On the one hand there are the African plains that span hundreds of miles, and on the other, incredible coastline peppered with beaches that are perfect for an afternoon in the sun. The city itself is worthy of exploration, and with bars, restaurants, shops, markets, cinemas, and more, you’ll never find yourself short of something to do. If you’re looking for a varied radiology internship program in a specialist department, this might well be the one for you.

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Nepal - Pokhara

Pokhara is set in a valley and has one of the most visually stunning backdrops you can imagine – the Himalayan Mountains. The local people enjoy life at a casual pace, yet there’s never a dull moment in this city. This contrast can be seen everywhere. On one hand you’ve got devout Buddhist monks wandering the streets and praying in the temples found around the city, and on the other you can go paragliding through the mountains. In the evenings the bars and restaurants by the edge of Lake Phewa will satisfy your appetites. Radiology in Pokhara will give you invaluable clinical experience in a large radiology department, which by local standards is a very well equipped.

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Nepal - Kathmandu

Kathmandu is one of the more recent additions to our lineup. It’s the second of our two destinations in Nepal, and while it does have the typical traits of a Nepalese city, it is very distinct from our base in Pokhara. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, and as such the city is alive with activity both day and night. Wild monkeys roam the city looking for easy meals, bikes speed through the narrow dusty streets, and temples can be found around every corner filled with Buddhist monks chanting daily prayers. Head into the mountains and you’ll find paragliding, white-water rafting, hiking, and more.

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Philippines - Dumaguete

Dumaguete is situated on a tropical island in the middle of the Philippines, which makes it an excellent place to go regardless of the reason for your visit. On one side of the city you’ll find 800 hectares of tropical jungle, and on the other a magnificent coastline with beautiful beaches and aquamarine waters. Here you can walk along the boulevard and head down to the beach located 15 minutes from our private house, sample the local delicacies served up by street food vendors, enjoy live music in the local bars, and more. If you’re feeling adventurous you can trek through the jungle, visit witchdoctors, go diving, and beyond.

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Philippines - Iloilo

Iloilo is the perfect place if you like tropical beaches, warm seas and long sunny days. Go diving off the coast to peer into a colourful underwater world, join in the regular festivals that take place across the island, take a tour of the city’s best street food vendors, and in the evenings make your way to the local bars for a great night out. As a medic you’ll experience a diverse placement with a strong emphasis on getting involved. You’ll work across a range of departments, both specialised and general, observing medical practices in a healthcare system entirely different from your own.

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Ghana - Takoradi

Ghana is one of our most popular destinations, and based in the dynamic coastal city of Takoradi, it’s easy to see why. Africa’s west coast is stunning, and as Takoradi is a bustling port city, there’s always something interesting going on. There are stretches of golden beach lined with bars and eateries, where you can sit and watch ships sail in. Or you can walk to the many the quaint shoreline fishing villages to observe local fishermen doing what they do best. The decaying colonial forts lining the coast make for a fascinating history lesson, and the views from the top are breathtaking. Radiographers who choose to work in Ghana will experience a diverse placement in a busy ward, observing everything from ureothograms to tuberculosis.

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Peru - Arequipa

Peru is a new destination for 2015, and is already proving to be one of the most exciting placement locations we offer. The city of Arequipa, where we’re based, is full of life and combines old architecture with modern culture. Bars, restaurants, museums, and more give Arequipa a cosmopolitan feel, yet core traditions are still religiously practiced in most areas. Head out of the city and you can trek through the Amazon jungle, visit villages on the banks of an ancient lake, watch nesting condors fly as you hike around a giant canyon and more. Radiographers who choose Arequipa will work Peru’s first ever Radiology Department and observe Oncological practices in a new light.

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Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura

Spend your placement in the sacred city of Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old city is steeped in history and home to stupas, temples, and ancient palaces; it never fails to impress. The aptly named ‘new town’ is a bustling centre of restaurants, bars, and markets. And on the rural side of things you've got jungles, beaches and lakes to round off a truly memorable experience.

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