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The experiences you will have on your overseas nursing student placement are likely to be vastly different from anything you are used to in the country in which you train. Many of the hospitals with which we work are short-staffed with high patient loads. This means that students in nusring internships with relevent experience have an excellent opportunity to become involved in patient care.

You will find that patients in these clinical sites regularly present with critically advanced diseases and pathologies. During your nursing internship, you’ll witness these conditions firsthand, developing new skills and increasing your understanding of the progressions of these diseases.

Our internships for nursing students are also an excellent opportunity to see cases rarely found in North America, including tropical diseases such as malaria, leprosy and dengue fever. For those interested in specific areas such as oncology in a particular country, this is a great chance to gain practical, firsthand knowledge in this area, as you work in a team of nurses who treat these diseases on a daily basis.