Nepal Pokhara


City Population: 250,000

Language: NEPALESE



Nepal is an incredible land of contrasts. Despite being tiny in terms of area, it is actually the "tallest" country in the world, due to the variation in height between the southern plains and the giddy heights of Mount Everest. In terms of a "typical" Nepali backdrop you might think of a peaceful mountain scene, harking back to ancient legends about the birthplace of Buddha, but you might just as easily picture a colorful bustling street scene in hectic downtown Kathmandu.

For those lucky few who have visited Nepal they will know the locals as both polite and welcoming, while at the same time having a fierce pride and inner toughness, which is typical of the struggles they have come through in creating one of the world's newest republics.

Work the World is based in Pokhara, Nepal's second city. It is a perfect compromise between the frenetic pace of Kathmandu and the spiritual allure of the country's more remote destinations. It's also a great base from which to access all that Nepal has to offer, from mountain treks to secluded temples to the adrenaline rush of white-water rafting. Plan your next move while enjoying a meal of traditional dal bhat, as the heady scent of incense drifts through the local marketplace!