In addition to the hospital based placements, we have developed a number of week long experiences whic serve to broaden your overall understanding of the location in which you are living. These are available to all students of medicine, nursing, physical therapy, dentistry, radiography or midwifery – as well as for trained professionals within these areas – who are joining Work the World. 

In Argentina we have a week-long Intensive Spanish Course that will help you develop your language skills so that you can better communicate with staff and patients in the hospital. In Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ghana and our two regions in Tanzania – Arusha and Dar es Salaam - we run projects which involve you going out to spend a week living within a rural tribal community and working in a primary health center – our Village Experience. In Sri Lanka we offer an introduction to Ayurveda - a healthcare alternative that for many Sri Lankans takes preference to modern medicine.

These projects tend to be scheduled at different stages in your trip. The Spanish course in Argentina - for obvious reasons - needs to run at the start, in order to give you a good grounding before you begin your placement. In contrast, the Village Healthcare Experience and Ayurvedic Medicine Experience tend to be timed for the end of your elective period.