Arusha Highlights

  • Hike for 3 days to the top of Mt. Meru
  • Big game safari in the Serengeti
  • Local bars and restaurants serving Tanzanian specialties
  • Tour the Ngorongoro volcanic crater
  • Zanzibar island for golden beaches and tropical waters

Available Electives

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arusha and beyond

On one hand Arusha is a bustling cultural center, and on the other a lush green paradise filled with wildlife. Take the time to stroll through the markets at the center of town to find delicious food and local crafts and then head to the bars and restaurants for an evening of traditional Tanzanian cuisine and live music. Further afield you can visit the beautiful and expansive Arusha National Park to make the 3-day climb to the top of Mt. Meru. From the summit you’ll enjoy a panorama of the city below and perfect views of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance. Adventurers can ride a 4x4 into the Serengeti for big game safari, or take the short flight to Zanzibar for its staggeringly beautiful beaches.

Home away from home

Once you’ve arrived at the airport our team will collect you and then take you straight to our private, security-guarded accommodation. The house is situated a 15-minute ‘dala dala’ (local minibus taxi) ride away from the heart of town. With weekly barbecues in the garden and views of the majestic Mt. Meru directly out of the window, staying in this house will be a unique experience in and of itself. Our experienced ground teams will be on call 24/7 to ensure everything goes smoothly for the duration of your internship in Tanzania. Our talented chef will cook your breakfast and dinner and the house is under the constant watch of professional security to ensure you’re as safe as possible. All of the above makes this the perfect base for our internships in Tanzania.

elective in tanzania

ADD-ON: Village Healthcare Experience

To supplement your placement in the city, you now have the chance to live in a remote village with Tanzania’s most famous tribe – the Maasai. For the duration of the week you’ll live in a traditional Maasai hut with our friendly host family who will welcome you in as one of their own. While in the village you’ll learn age-old practices from a traditional healer, and work in the village dispensary assisting with everything from malaria treatment to pediatric vaccinations. This is the perfect complement for all Tanzania internships. In the afternoons you’ll spend time with your personal guide immersing yourself in Maasai culture. This will include watching traditional dances, visiting sacred sites, watching goat sacrifices and more. Living with the Maasai tribe is a rarely afforded privilege. Take the chance while you can.

Campbell, Harriet

Case Study

In paediatrics we saw children with fractures, burns, cerebral palsy, and malnutrition. We were able to give children and mothers advice and show them treatment

Harriet Campbell, Cardiff University 2015

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Dixson, Georgina

Case Study

Safari would be one of the highlights, one of the best weekends in my life! It was breathtaking. It rendered me speechless and brought me to tears on several occasions.

Georgina Dixson, University of New South Wales 2015

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Kerry's Review of her Midwifery Elective in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Case Study was amazing to watch their strength and to see so much normality of women naturally birthing their babies

Kerry Exon, Keele University 2015

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Ashlee's Review of her Medical Elective in Arusha

Case Study

The hospital is rewarding, challenging, heart breaking and uplifting all at the same time

Ashlee Burgess, University of Western Australia 2015

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Kazi, Asbah

Case Study

I felt like I was part of the team- assisting doctors on ward rounds, examining patients, helping to diagnose and discharge patients too

Asbah Kazi, University of Sydney 2015

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