What is included?

We understand that organizing an international placement takes time and this is the one thing that healthcare students don’t usually have in any great supply.

We appreciate that arranging accommodation can be a laborious task and that factoring in the costs of this, your meals, and a continual supply of safe drinking water means you can quickly find yourself going over budget, which just adds to the stress. And we know what is like to arrive in a foreign destination, without any clue what to do, where to go, or how to go about even asking for answers to these questions!

This is why all Work the World internships placements include the following:

  • A well-organized, structured placement
  • All accommodation, food and drinking water
  • An extensive support network both at home and abroad

In addition to this you will benefit from:

  • Flexible start dates and placement lengths
  • A comprehensive online information system – "MyTrip"
  • Being part of a multi disciplinary, international community of students

Your placement

Once you have applied, the staff in our head office will be in touch with you to determine exactly what it is that you are hoping to get from your internship experience – what area of specialty you are interested in, what kind of hospital or clinic you would like to work in, etc. We then liaise with the staff in our destination countries who – thanks to the strong links they have forged with local institutions - will be able to arrange a placement which matches your requests.

They will provide you with a designated clinical supervisor, who will act as your main point of contact with the hospital or clinic, both before and during your placement. As part of their role, this supervisor will provide you with an internship experience suitable to your skills, experience and the confidence they have in your abilities, as well as providing your university with any administrative information which they might require.

For each placement we pay a fee or make a set donation, a large chunk of your package cost. It is important to us that the people working with our students benefit from the placement fees that we pay each hospital, and not just upper management, so we make regular donations of money and equipment to individual wards and departments as well. We also try to work with the hospital community, sponsoring English language lessons for hospital staff and paying heed to local cultural traditions and giving appropriate gifts to our student supervisors.   


The Work the World houses consistently turn out to be the highlight of many of our student’s trips. We really go out of the way to make them something special – this is the place where you will be spending a great deal of your time, after all! As well as comfortable bedrooms and large communal spaces they each have a housekeeper who will keep the whole place clean and tidy for you. This provides you with a great environment in which you can truly feel at home, and enjoy the company of your fellow housemates.

Food & Drink

We employ caterers in all of our houses, who prepare breakfast and dinner for everyone throughout the working week. Their brief is to provide a variety of meals, from traditional local dishes to international favourites. Of course they are restricted by the ingredients which are locally available, but they will certainly make sure that what you are given is delicious and nutritious, and they can cater for most dietary requirements (just ask if you aren’t sure!). They also keep the house stocked full of food in order that you can prepare yourself a packed lunch during the week, any meals that you are around for over the weekend, and snacks when you get peckish! Finally they keep a steady supply of drinking-water available at all times.

Support Network

Before you leave the country you will be in contact with our head office staff, who are responsible for preparing you for your trip - telling you everything that you need to know. They will be able to answer any questions that you have, or else be able to find out the answers and get back to you with them promptly! They are not trained healthcare workers, but they don’t have to be – they are expert organizers who have lived in, worked in or travelled across our destinations, and know them inside out!

Once you’ve arrived in your destination you will meet our dedicated overseas staff. These are the guys who are the heartbeat of Work the World. From the moment that you arrive in the airport, train-station or bus-station they will be there to meet you and take you over to the Work the World house. They will provide you with an orientation of the local area, take you to your placement on the first day and generally help you with anything that you need to know. There will always be at least one staff member around the house throughout the day and they are contactable by phone 24/7 if you have any problems.


Work the World internship placements can be easily fit into any period of time that you have available. Although we ask you to arrive on either a Saturday or a Sunday, you can select from any weekend in the entire year! You can also choose exactly how many weeks you want to do your placement for, and if you want to split your placement across two different countries then we will even give you a discount!

Language Lessons

We provide free local language lessons to the students to help with the basics. These take place in Work the World houses during the evenings. They are a great way to get to know your fellow housemates, while picking up some useful words and phrases which will greatly enhance your internship placement experience. You can learn Fante in Ghana, Nepali in Nepal, Sinhala in Sri Lanka, Hiligaynon in the Philippines and Swahili in Tanzania!


All Work the World students are provided with their very own online information system called "MyTrip", which can be accessed from our homepage. It is packed full of information about your destination country and placement, and will guide you through everything that you need to know and do before you leave.

Work the World Community

Having all our internship students living under the same roof creates a wonderful community of friendship and support, which exists in all of our destinations. And with our staff working - and sometimes living - at the same site, they are able to foster this still further by providing weekly barbeques, or simply advising you on the best places to visit, in the local area and further afield. The fact that this community exists means that it is easy for individuals to join our programs – although you may have to travel out with us alone, there will be plenty of friendly faces to greet you once you arrive, and there is bound to be a group of likeminded people for you to join if you want to do some traveling at the weekends, or after your placement has come to an end.

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