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Undertaking your elective placement overseas isn’t cheap, but it is absolutely worth it. We don’t like throwing around cliches, but this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss.

If you want to travel for your elective but you’re worried about coming up with the funds, here’s some good news —

You can now pay for your placement in instalments.

How does it work?

Kathryn Boone (BOONE24888)

The first thing you absolutely must do is secure your place on your programme of choice with a £300 registration fee.

This registration fee is your guarantee that no one else can swoop in and take your spot. We will confirm your placement within 24 hours of receiving your payment.

You’ll then get access to MyTrip — your personal online elective planner. 

Shortly thereafter, we’ll call you to welcome you onto the programme. And then, together, we start customising your placement to what most interests you. 

There’s nothing else to pay until 90 days before you depart — for now, you can be confident that your placement is secured.

So how do our flexible payments actually work? 

In essence, it is up to you.

You choose how much you want to pay and when you want to pay it, as long as your balance is clear 90 days before you’re due to travel.

You can do this in one of two ways:

One lump sum

You might want to save up and make one payment to clear the entire balance.

Smaller instalments

Nathan Kendall (KENDALL24346)

If you’d rather have the satisfaction of chipping away at it, you can choose the ‘pay as you go’ option. You choose how much you want to pay and when.

Through MyTrip — your online placement planner, you’ll have direct access to an online payment system. From here, you’ll have an itemised log of all your payments to date, so at any point you can make a payment no matter how large or small. 

Raising the funds

You can draw inspiration from students who’ve travelled previously — some have hosted fundraisers, received money for birthdays and Christmases, some secure funding through sponsorship or grants, and some even set up crowdfunding pages.

You can read some great stories here about past travellers who have managed to fundraise their entire placement!

This flexible payment option means you can spread the cost of your placement and is ideal if you like budgeting.

If you need any more advice on how this works, fill in the short form below and one of our placement consultants will get back to you with more information.


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