Anne Dichmont

University of Liverpool 2011

Midwifery, Ghana Takoradi

The strength of Ghanaian women is inspirational. Not only do they click their way through contractions but manage to walk between two rooms in order to bring their newborn to this world.

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Sophie Oades

Manchester Metropolitan University 2010

Physiotherapy, Ghana Takoradi

The majority of patients we saw were stroke victims and a lot of these patients had been coming to physio for years, so had really built up a rapport with everyone working there.

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Julie Auldjo

University of Edinburgh 2010

Nursing, Ghana Takoradi

A useful tip for nursing students is to make friends with the Ghanaian student nurses as they run the ward and are fantastic at letting you get involved in patient care!

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Andrew Moriarty

Newcastle University 2010

Medical, Ghana Takoradi

In my third week there I was lucky as a surgical team from a charitable organisation, Operation Hernia, were visiting and were down one surgeon. I was asked to assist and got to play a large role in week of surgery.

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Amanda Green

University of Leeds 2010

Midwifery, Ghana Takoradi

Pain relief in labour is rare and only used when a woman brings it to hospital with her, it is common however for woman to rely on religion as a focus during pain; it is not uncommon to hear a woman praying to Jesus for help.

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