Kandy and Beyond

  • Kandy is… “The cultural capital and a sacred Buddhist city. Set beside a lake, it’s surrounded by lush green tea hills.”
  • Journey to Sigiriya Rock and climb to the UNESCO-listed fortress for dramatic views
  • Stretch out on white-sand beaches, go surfing in warm waters, and head off on safari to spot wild elephants
  • Spend time with the Kandyans, sharing their rich culture and learning about their age-old traditions
  • Ayurveda Week: Add an extra week to your stay in Sri Lanka to learn about herbal medicine at a traditional Ayurvedic clinic in a remote rural village.
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Accommodation and team 

Set in a secluded residential area, our Kandy house has a large rooftop with stunning views of Kandy Lake and the green hills beyond. Big and airy, the house has a great feeling of space and is a relaxing place to socialize and chat in the evenings with new friends. We also have a dining room for communal meals, and comfy sofas in the lounge areas.

24/7 support is provided by your Program Manager and their assistant. They also look after the day-to-day running of the house, along with your housekeeper, chef, and language teacher who visits twice a week for lessons. The chef cooks two tasty meals a day and lays on a fantastic BBQ night each week – always good fun!

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In addition to your main placement in Kandy, spending a week with a master Ayurveda practitioner offers a once in a lifetime experience. In a remote village, accompanied by a guide, you’ll learn the ancient art of Ayurveda, or ‘tree medicine’, from a master healer.

You’ll work with a traditional Ayurveda healer who has knowledge that has been passed down for generations. You will assist him diagnose and treat ailments, and learn how to create Ayurveda medicines from plants and barks found in the jungle. In the afternoons you’ll take ox and cart rides, visit Ayurveda spas for full body massages, swim in the nearby lake at sunset, and a whole lot more.


Placements in Sri Lanka - Kandy

The most noticeable difference between Sri Lanka and the UK lay, without a doubt, with infection control.

Amy Milne, University of Liverpool 2018

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"We went on elephant safaris, hiking, white water rafting, snorkelling, surfing, and releasing baby turtles."

Emma Braithwaite, University of Manchester 2018

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"I saw both routine surgeries and those that were unique and challenging."

Samuel Jennings, University of Wollongong 2018

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"Patients shared beds and doctors carried out surgeries on multiple patients in the same room."

Lauren-Mae Pearson, University of Lincoln 2018

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"I saw the entire patient journey. From admission to investigation, through to the surgery itself."

Kirsty Marie Cockshott, Manchester Metropolitan University 2018

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