AIMST University 2014

Medical, The Philippines Iloilo

I chose Work the World because they organised everything; the accommodation, the food, the hospital placement, and everything else that is needed for an overseas placement, which helps a lot!

The MyTrip page provided me with all the information I needed to know regarding my placement in Iloilo. Continual assistance from the Work the World (WtW) team was really reassuring and certainly made me feel that it was the right decision traveling with them..

Upon arrival I had WtW Iloilo staff waiting for me at the airport. Orientation was very useful and I appreciate how they introduce new students to the hospital staff during the assembly, it made us feel welcomed.


The house was comfortable and huge it made me feel that there was always a part of the house that I hadn’t discovered. The staff were so nice and friendly. I absolutely loved them, they treated us like a family here.

Getting to know friends from different countries.. all at the same time is a unique experience for me indeed and I’m glad I got to meet all of them.

I really enjoyed my placement in the hospital. I chose to be in the delivery room and it’s really, really worth it! I got to observe many deliveries, including both breech deliveries and twin deliveries, which I’d never seen before. I’m so glad the doctors and nurses were so helpful, and they were so patient in teaching me the skills that I’ve gained during my placement, they definitely helped me in improving myself.

Taking the Jeepneys everyday to and from the hospital was a unique and fun experience for me because well, we don’t have Jeepneys back home. I enjoyed taking the Jeepneys with other WtW students too. I liked how the locals reacted and smiled brightly when they heard foreigners speak Hiligaynon, and I loved how the people here were so friendly, even though it was my first time meeting them. They will treat you like they’ve known you for a long time.

My short stay here didn’t allow me to travel to as many places as I would’ve liked, but I still managed to visit a few nice places. We went to Bearland Paradise Resort, which is a paradise indeed. We also went sightseeing around Iloilo city. We also celebrated New Years and enjoyed fireworks from the rooftop, it was amazing and beautiful. Getting to know friends from different countries; Australia, UK, USA, and Kuwait all at the same time is a unique experience for me indeed and I’m glad I get to meet all of them.

If you ever get a chance to do a placement in Iloilo, grab it! Even if you are alone, just go with it! Once you are here, you are going to enjoy every moment and of course, you will get to learn a lot of skills that will definitely help your future career. It’s always more fun in the Philippines anyway :)

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