Morehouse School of Medicine 2018

Medical, Tanzania Dar es Salaam

Rashad, MarleyAfter exploring all available placement options in Sub-Saharan Africa, I decided to travel to Tanzania with Work the World.

I chose Sub-Saharan Africa in particular because I had prior experience there.

I chose Tanzania in particular as I had a desire to learn Swahili, and an equally strong desire to explore the beautiful coast. The heart wants what the heart wants.

I chose Work the World in particular because of their professionalism. They have a long-standing reputation, and emphasise working closely with the communities they operate in.

My interests at the time were divided between surgery and OBG. Work the World’s team facilitated a placement for me across both specialties.

They even placed me in two different hospitals, each chosen to give me the best possible experience in my two chosen areas.

Rashad, Marley

For surgery, I spent time in a national teaching hospital. The hospital saw a huge volume of patients, daily. The placement itself offered many interesting surgical cases, and I even assisted alongside local attendings and surgical residents.

With OBG, I spent time in a labor ward in a smaller regional hospital. The ward saw dozens of births daily. This meant I got extraordinary clinical experience and confidence managing normal labor. In the hospital operating theatres, I was first assist on a number of cesarean sections as well.

Rashad, Marley

I couldn’t have asked for a more excellent combination of clinical experiences to suit my interests at the time!

Neither online resources, nor modern equipment were available to aid diagnoses and treatments.

I felt honored observing the differences in healthcare delivery, and case management, between Tanzanian institutions and the ones at home.

The experience gave me a greater appreciation for the utility of personal experience.

Expertise was also key in this setting, where neither online resources, nor modern equipment were available to aid diagnoses and treatments.

Rashad, Marley

All of the doctors, nurses, and aids I spent time with during my time in Tanzania were incredibly dedicated to their patients. They were eminently knowledgeable and efficient in their roles.

The placement was both challenging and rewarding (and the main purpose of my trip). But I also had plenty of free time to travel and experience the beauty and diversity of Tanzania and its people.

Rashad, Marley

One weekend, I went on a safari organized through Work the World. I was hesitant at first thanks to my habit of organizing my own travel, but the trip was extraordinary.

Even if you’re only remotely interested, I 10/10 recommend.

Tanzania truly worked its way into my heart. I can’t wait for my chance to go back.

Our guide was knowledgeable and hilarious, and thanks to him we saw almost all of the ‘Big 5’.. We ‘glamped’ just outside of the park boundaries at night and had some delicious dinners.

Rashad, Marley

We even traveled in a 4X4 with zebra stripe upholstery. Don’t go to Tanzania and miss this opportunity.

Beyond the safari, I traveled — not once, but twice — to Zanzibar with my housemates. We enjoyed delicious seafood and beautiful beaches alongside some Maasai friends we met while traveling.

Rashad, Marley

Even when we didn’t leave Dar es Salaam, there was plenty to do in the city. We explored local markets and beaches, and I spent my birthday island hopping to secluded beaches.

I’m a great believer in traveling to new places. Experiencing swaths of this beautiful world is important to me, but Tanzania truly worked its way into my heart. I can’t wait for my chance to go back.

Rashad, Marley

I hope everyone has the chance to do something like this. I gained experience that helped me greatly in my subsequent clinical education. I also learned Swahili, saw some of the most beautiful sights the world has to offer, and made lifelong friends.

Don’t wait — go to Tanzania with Work the World as soon as you can!

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