• Anuradhapura is… ‘A beautiful city, with World Heritage ruins, ancient archeology, and Buddhist dagobas.’
  • Receive spiritual blessings from local monks and enter the city’s ancient candlelit temples after dark
  • Learn how to pick tea in emerald-green plantations, ride on historic trains through misty hills, and look for wild elephants as you safari through the national parks
  • Spot sea turtles, swim with reef sharks, and soak up the rays on stunning Sri Lankan beaches
  • Look forward to a warm welcome from Sri Lanka’s friendly people and enjoy some of the best cuisine


Our Work the World house sits on a tree-lined street in one of Anuradhapura's charming neighborhoods. On the ground floor there's an indoor courtyard, while the outdoor rooftop is a great place to chill out in a hammock, relax with a good book, and chat with housemates about your clinical internship. The bedrooms and social areas are comfortable and well furnished, and the house has a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Our Anuradhapura Program Manager and their assistant are in charge of running the house and providing 24/7 support. Our housekeeper takes care of the cleaning, and our excellent in-house chef cooks up two meals a day, plus a fantastic weekly BBQ night – always a highlight! Twice a week, our local language teacher visits the house to give lessons.

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


A fantastic addition to your city-based placement in Anuradhapura, our week-long experience offers you a chance to experience one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems.

Throughout Sri Lanka, Ayurveda and other traditional forms of healthcare are practiced alongside modern medicine. You’ll learn all about this ancient art during morning visits to a small rural clinic. You’ll discover how local plants and barks are used by a skilled local healer to create and administer Ayurveda medicines and treatments. Your afternoons are spent taking part in cultural activities. These could include massages at Ayurveda spas, canoe trips through dense jungle and wild elephant safaris. 


Placements in Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura

"In rural areas, people sought care from their local Ayurvedic clinic rather than a hospital."

Gerald Kamta, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine 2018

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"I found it shocking to see two patients treated in one theatre at the same time."

Gladys Oris, Staffordshire University 2018

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"It was a real culture shock... I found it pretty shocking to see 2 patients being treated in theatre at the same time".

Claire Webb, University of Brighton 2018

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"In some wards there were two patients to a bed. Sometimes there were patients on the floor."

Olivia Ritchie, Glasgow Caledonian University 2018

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"The lack of privacy and confidentiality offered to patients was a shock..."

Faizah Jamil, University of Birmingham 2018

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